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The New Economy is the Green Economy with unprecedented opportunities since the Industrial Revolution. The Eco Academy simply offers you the most cost-effective means to seize the moment. Now you can choose the courses and programs that match your professional and personal interests, from advancing your career to saving money on your home or office utility bills.

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Eco Academy's Chief Instructor interviewed on FOX NEWS For Mega Job Fair in Greater Philadelphia. We are committed to educating the community on new career paths within the Energy Economy as well as recruiting the best talent across the country, so we participate in Job Fairs and we are often asked to speak on the range of 'Green' Jobs. This one focuses on our new LED Lighting Training.Watch FOX NEWS Interview Also see the Article on the Eco Academy. Plus, CISCO Systems selected the Eco Academy's Chief Instructor for their One Million Acts of Green. See the video profiles: Small Acts, Big Rewards and The Most Energy Efficient Home.


Contractor Certification Learn More

Home Inspector Continuing Education Learn More

Real Estate Agent Continuing Education Learn More

Home Efficiency Consulting Certification Learn More


BPI Energy Auditing (Building Performance Institute) Certification

LED Energy Auditing (LED Saving Solutions) Certification

The following HIGHLIGHTS cover the most popular program paths to date within the Eco Academy. Contact us for more info on the NEW Building Performance Institute and the LED Saving Solutions Certification programs:

CONTRACTORS - Energy Efficiency Contractor Certification Cost: $295

Get the ‘Green Edge’ to generate more business and differentiate yourself in your industry as a home energy and efficiency expert. This is ideal for Remodeling Contractors, HVAC Contractors, and Insulation and Air Sealing Installers. Learn More

HOME INSPECTORS - 8 Credit Course Cost: $295

ASHI and NACHI Members. This course is approved for 8 Continuing Education Credits. Learn about the new ‘Tech and Tactics’ that are increasingly part of what you will need to know and inspect. Learn More

REAL ESTATE AGENTS - Realtor Resource Program Cost: $60

Market yourself as an eco-insider that can guide Buyers into the right new purchase and guide Sellers into what they can most cost-effectively do to attract the increasing number of eco-minded Buyers. Learn More

GREEN CAREER JOB SEEKERS - Training and Certification Cost: $500

Join the Green Economy and start by getting Certified as a Home Efficiency Consultant. The Training and Certification is $500. Learn More

1. Eco Launchpad Course Cost: $295 For individuals that want to learn how to ‘Do-It-Yourself’ and save thousands of dollars on home utilities and operating costs for themselves, friends, and family. The online eco ‘Launchpad’ training program is the foundation. Learn More

2. Home Efficiency Checkup Cost: $320 For Individuals that want to have a Certified Home Efficiency Consultant come to their home to provide a Home Efficiency Checkup: $395 less $75 Discount. Learn More

3. NEWSLETTER Cost: FREE This is a great for anyone that wants to get free tips and information on trends and product discounts related to energy savings and environmental sustainability. Free Monthly Newsletter

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The information below is specifically for new Career Seekers

Become a Home Efficiency Consultant in as little as 30 days!

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"The training has helped me gain the knowledge needed to succeed as a Home Efficiency Consultant."
Jennifer M.
"The instructors were very passionate and it carried over into how the curriculum was taught. I would recommend this to anyone interested in starting a new green career."
Steve C.


Business Journal: Eco Academy plants seeds for home efficiency vocation

Business Journal: Eco Academy plants seeds for home efficiency vocation

"Steve Clark survived two rounds of layoffs at GlaxoSmithKline, but lost his job as a drug-discovery researcher in June 2008 when his department was reorganized. Then the stock market tanked in September. And again in October. And in November...

Industry Perspective:

The Eco Academy courses and programs are so well respected across the industry that they have met the rigorous curriculum approval for Continuing Education Credits from the two premier National Home Inspection Organizations that represent over 10,000 US Home Professionals. The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) have set the industry benchmarks for quality service, and this Home Efficiency curriculum is approved for 8 Credits from each organization. As well, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) with over 1 Million Members chose the Eco Academy's parent Certifying Organization, GREENandSAVE, as its Strategic Partner and the NAR Green Resource Council sought approval to use the company's comprehensive Return on Investment data for energy efficiency as part of their Continuing Education for Realtors.

Development and Instruction Leadership:

The Eco Academy classes and programs have been designed by a team of industry leading Architects, Energy Auditors, Engineers, Ph.D Scientists, HVAC Contractors, Project Managers, and Home Inspectors to serve the needs of a diverse range of professionals and homeowners that simply want to take part in the new Green Economy. The development team has collectively aggregate the best of Department of Energy and University Study data along with ASHI, NACHI, LEED, BPI, BSI, and RESNET programs. The Chief Instructor, Mr. Charles A. Szoradi, has unparalleled credentials and a two decade career in energy efficiency. Szoradi is a LEED Accredited Professional, BPI Certified Energy Auditor, Board Member of the Sustainable Business Network and the Green Economy Task Force. He is a sought after speaker with appearances ranging from Energy Conferences and University Panels to presentations to Senators on Capitol Hill. He wrote the ground-breaking Masters of Architecture Thesis on ‘Eco Humanism’ in 1993 and currently lives with his wife and family in one of the most energy efficient homes in America. See Bio: Eco Academy Leadership

The Differentiators:

Organizations like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Building Performance Institute (BPI), Building Science Institute (BSI), and Residential Energy Service Network (RESNET) all offer excellent training and education programs, but some excel in areas where others do not focus their attention. As an example, LEED is primarily a design strategy for certifying properties as ‘green’ without a depth of exploration into Energy Auditing. BPI, BSI, and RESNET focus on the 'Thermal Boundary' and HVAC systems of a home without looking at the implications of utility savings through exterior and landscaping tactics or water conservation. None of these programs except the Home Efficiency Curriculum leverage the information in a current homeowner’s utility bills to serve as a guide for future efficiency tactics. Instead they rely on predictive modeling based on test results. Given that there are over 100 Million existing residences in America, the Eco Academy Home Efficiency program covers the whole home and landscaping for ‘green’ design and eco-material factors in addition to focusing on the ‘thermal boundary, HVAC, and Energy Auditing components.

Outside of the Box:

The Eco Academy program also includes the ground-breaking Return on Investment software that leverages ‘real’ utility bill data and tailors over 100 efficiency tactics to the home. Each student has full access to the software during and following the completion of the curriculum. Overall, the Eco Academy Home Efficiency program focuses on ‘efficiency’ not just energy, and the result is that graduates can give homeowners real direction into optimizing the way that they run their home and reduce costs. This is all about a WHOLE HOUSE APPROACH and understanding how a home can work as an Organism and not just an Object.

Why NOW:

America wants to save money and energy now more than ever, and the GREENandSAVE Eco Academy is your springboard to these new opportunities. According to Forbes Magazine the 'GREEN' economy could soon become the nation's fastest-growing job segment, accounting for roughly 10% of new jobs over the next 20 years. The Eco Academy is a cutting edge training program designed to give individuals the necessary tools to have a rewarding career in this growing Eco-Economy. The training focuses on Home Efficiency Consulting, and it also serves as the foundation for building on a diverse range of other green career paths. For example, graduates gain the core 'efficiency' perspective necessary to go on and pursue specialized services ranging from Solar Installation to Weatherization. For current HVAC and Insulation Contractors, Home Inspectors, and Realtors, this program also delivers the 'GREEN Edge' that is key to differentiation in a marketplace increasingly asking for energy savings.

New Curriculum Additions and Jobs:

In 2009 the Eco Academy started and sold out the live classes. The Curriculum to date has covered over 100 energy and utility savings initiatives, and we are pleased to now include 'Boot Camp' modules on the latest LED Lighting that are applicable for residential as well as commercial properties. LED Lighting can save property owners 80% on their lighting costs, and this multi-billion dollar industry is just at its infancy. For interested graduates, the Eco Academy's parent company GREENandSAVE with its LED division are actively recruiting trainees from the efficiency program to work with lighting retrofit clients on sales, project management, and installation. See: LED Saving Solutions. This is one example of how GREENandSAVE looks first to our pool of Eco Academy graduates for green job opportunities at the Philadelphia Area Headquarters and in different locations across the country.


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