GREEN HOME SHOW #1: Home Energy Auditing: Part 2 Audience Going Green Questions

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Listener Letters & E-mail (Paul) – 8 Minutes Sponsored by:
  1. D -“Our first question comes from Mary Wheatley of Wilmington. Mary asks, ‘I’m interested in learning more about being “GREENer”. Where can I get information? Where do I start?’. P – 1) This show 2) 3) Search internet w keywords such as Hybrid Cars, Solar Power, Carbon Footprints, etc.
  2. D - “Our second question comes from John Belchik of Newark. John asks, ‘I’m buying a new refrigerator and I want to know how I should go about choosing the right model. Can you offer any advice?’. P - 1) Energy Star 2) LG Model 3) Propane 4) Solar
  3. D - “Our third question comes from Roberto Garcia of New Castle. Roberto asks, ‘Is there a huge difference between the filters available for my heater? And if so, are any of them better for the environment than the others?’ I’ll take this one – 1) Disposable Fibergalss 2) Pleated “Allergy” 3) Permanent, washable electrostatic
  4. D - “Our next question comes from Belinda Marciewski of Wilmington. Belinda wants to know ‘How far away are we from having totally electric cars?’ P - 1) Already here, 100K 2) EV Cars 3) “Who Killed Electric Cars?” 4) Electric was actually first 5) Canada truck 6) Tesla
  5. D - “Our last questions comes from Doug Hunt of North Wilmington…Hey that’s me! I see an ever growing selection of “organic produce at the supermarket. What is the real difference between organic and not organic produce and is it worth paying the extra money for the organic stuff? P – That may be the dumbest question I’ve ever heard! Just kidding. D – Well I researched it and it turns out 1) definition of organic 2) better for us and the planet

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Weekly Green Hero (Doug & Paul) – 2:00
“This week’s Green Hero comes to us from Mexico. It seems that a professional wrestler from our neighbor to the south has began to wrestler with the environment. To bring you more on this story, we go to Professor Cleatus T. Beaumont, our forensic roadkill pathologist who’s on location in Mexico. Professor?”

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