Wind and Hydo Power for your Home

When considering Wind and Hydro Power for your home, look carefully into the Return on Investment for: Hybrid Solar and Wind Power, Hydro Power and Wind Power. Wind often makes an excellent counterpoint to solar, because it is often windy when it is not sunny. The average US home uses over 600 kilowatt hours (KWH) of electricity every month. With a couple thousand dollars, and a little ingenuity on your part, you can provide over 200 of those KWH.

As for hydro power for homes, the old ‘mill’ is the early example of leveraging a creek or stream on a property to turn a wheel and grind some grain. Given that most American do not have a viable natural running water source on their property, wind power is typically more appropriate given the new generation of vertical axis turbines. The latest vertical axis wind turbines produce 250 to 500 KWH of electricity with an average wind speed of 12 miles per hour. As the wind picks up speed, so too does your power generation. When wind speeds double your output doesn’t just double it increases exponentially based on the maximum output of the wind turbine design. So, even a small increase in wind speed creates a large increase in electrical output.

We have an opportunity right in our homes to make an impact on energy Independence. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, over 40% of our national power consumption comes from homes and buildings. We don’t have to wait on the sidelines for elected officials to sort out the details of off-shore drilling, clean coal, and nuclear power when we can impact change right on our own properties. You can harness the power of the wind with any one of a whole new line of horizontal or vertical axis residential turbines. Produce 30% of the energy you use, save money and build a better future for yourself and your family. If 10% of American homeowners added wind power that produced 30% of the electrical energy they use that would increase about 5% of totally renewable energy use across the nation.

WePOWER has developed a line of wind turbines that work in low and high winds and are self-regulating. With limited moving parts, they are vibration and noise free and require virtually no maintenance. WePOWER incorporates Transformational Generators and their wind turbines are powered by Aura Systems Inc. Made for the military; Aura Generators make the turbines about 2.5 times more effective than many other wind energy solutions. To learn more about their vertical axis turbines click here:Vertical Axis Turbine.

HOME ENERGY is a Swedish company which has designed a new wind turbine that is very silent and it’s based on six curved rotor blades attached to a rotor hub at both ends. The new and futuristic wind turbine is called Energy Ball and when it rotates it looks like a sphere and it creates a wind flow which resembles the rapids of a river - this wind flow pattern is called the Venturi effect. To learn more about the Energy Ball click here:Energy Ball Turbine.

The right home improvement products, techniques, and services:
Contractors, home improvement stores, and specialty shops in your area may not yet have a complete familiarity with the ‘green’ opportunities, products, system integration, and overall savings potential. So, you may get some resistance, since people in general are typically more comfortable recommending something that they are already familiar with rather than something new. To help break the inertia, use the information across this website like our Return on Investment Master ROI Table. Also feel free to post a question in our forum on the message board about a particular need for your home relative to your area. Our team has spent multiple years aggregating research from public and private sector performance reports and from manufacturers and homeowners across the country in order to provide you with the perspective you may need to see the initial payback and long term advantages. Environmental enthusiasts and leading institutions like the American Institute of Architects and the National Association of Realtors, see the value and link into our resources to support their members.

The Green Home:
For your overall home improvement, you can save money, improve your family’s health, and save the planet. Find out for free how much it will cost to do different types of home improvement in your home from a qualified and member approved contractor in your area. Get a FREE Quote . Plus, regardless of the size and scope of your home improvement project, save money and keep your home clean with the top rated chemical free and concentrated Green Home Cleaning Products.

Home Improvement Basics:
When it comes to home improvement basics, look for interior home improvements like creating a clean, safe, and healthy home through sustainable ‘green’ furniture, home décor, zero VOC and Interior Paint, plus ENERGY STAR Appliances and Electronics. For energy and utility savings you can focus on insulation and air sealing, windows, doors, lighting and skylights, water saving plumbing opportunities, and high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems. On the outside of your house, look for exterior home improvement opportunities through landscape design and gardening plus solar energy, wind and other power sources. If you are undertaking a major home renovation, an additions, or building a new home, then take the lead to ‘go green’ in as many ways as possible to save money and the environment.

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