Insulated Ducts

Spend $450 now and
SAVE $180 each year...
ROI = 40%


Since about 40% of your homes energy costs go toward heating and cooling, you can save more than a third of that cost by sealing ducts and also insulating them from losing the warm heating air or the cool air conditioning as it travels to each room. Increase the insulation on your ducts to a minimum of R-6.

First, conduct thorough air sealing. Adding insulation may make some air leaks difficult to access. The insulation itself typically will not stop these leaks. Air flowing through the insulation will waste energy. Moist air can damage the insulation and reduce its effectiveness.

The ROI Calculation is based on saving $15 a month over the course of the year.

If you are undertaking a remodeling project make sure that the sheet metal ‘box’ ducts and the tubular rigid or flex ones are well insulated before the walls get closed up. For existing homes, check the crawl spaces and areas like garages first, before incurring costs to open up any walls that may benefit from blow-in insulation.


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