Spend $1,200 now and
SAVE $300 each year...
ROI = 25%


For an all-around environmental boost, plant a tree. When properly sited, trees and other landscaping can save up to 30% in home cooling and heating costs. They also help cool your community and make your home even more enjoyable. Typically you want evergreens on the north to block the wind in the winter and then deciduous trees on the south to create shade over the summer but let the sun shine in over the winter when they lose their leaves.

The ROI Calculation is based on two 8' foot trees, and an average of $25 of energy savings a year. Please note that as the trees grow and mature the savings increases accordingly and may last over 100 years depending on the species of tree that you select.

Evergreens on the north side like this Holly help reduce the winter winds. For the summer, the River Birch in the upper photo, starts to add some additional shade on the south façade.


Check your gowing 'Zone', See Trees that are right for your state, and Get Beautiful and Fast Growing Trees direct from the nursery: Click Here

Tips for Planting Evergreens: Click Here

For larger trees, you can always pay for delivery and installation, or borrow a truck and test out the power of friendship and the force of gravity. Just make sure to add a good mix of peat moss, compost manure, and root stimulant.

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