Optimizing COMMERCIAL Energy and Utility Costs

The path to efficiency starts when we ‘Assess’ your Commercial property with the Energy Audit that is right for your situation. We serve commercial Businesses, Universities and Schools, Libraries, Retail Locations, Multi-Family Residential and Industrial Properties. We are a 'Performance' solution provider that tailors programs for commercial property owners, property managers, and major tenants. Our solutions simply save money on your utility bills. Our team matches the right technology and services to meet your needs.

Commercial Energy Audit with Return on Investment Report

Certified Commercial Efficiency ConsultantThe most cost-effective way to start saving money. A Certified Commercial Efficiency Consultant will come out to your property and analyze your electric, fuel, and water bills before exploring your property and searching for the most cost-effective opportunities to save money, energy, and the environment. The deliverable is a detailed report showing exactly how your property compares in areas such as lighting, electric base load, heating efficiency, and cooling efficiency as well as an easy-to-understand Return on Investment (ROI) cost/benefit analysis on the energy-saving tactics that are best suited for your organization. The ‘whole property’ approach also takes into account opportunities for savings in your landscaping and on your roof with possibilities for renewable energy and cost-reductions. Plus with each checkup, you will also receive the Commercial ‘Green De-Coder’ that breaks down the new Tax Credit opportunities.

LED Lighting Retrofit Services

LED ROI & Payback - Mobile Field Calculator

LED Saving Solutions Given the cash flow constraints of many businesses in this recession, we have recently established some ground-breaking international production and financing relationships that deliver cash flow positive results for our clietns from the very first month. LED bulb and tube retrofits have the five star advantage: 80% less energy use than fluorescent tubes, extreme long life, dimmability control, diverse light color selection, and mercury free technology. Please note that all LEDs are not the same quality, and since we are not a bulb manufacturer but a savings solution provider, we are able to objectively guide you through the 'best-of-breed' LED landscape of options.

How much money can I SAVE? With LEDs you can SAVE 50% to 80% on your lighting bills without spending a single dollar up-front. Lighting typically accounts for 22% to 30% of commercial energy consumption, 37% for retail, and it can run over 50% for certain facilities like Hospitals. As an example, each fluorescent office bay of tubes (typ. 2’ x 4’) uses at least $100 of electricity each year if they run from 6 AM to 6 PM. The latest generation of LED tubes only uses $20 of electricity for the same lighting bay each year. For every 100 lighting bays that adds up to $8,000 of annual savings. The 80% energy savings is dramatic, and it is enhanced by the fact that the bulbs last for 50,000 to 80,000 hours (over 25 years at the typical 2,500 hours per year). By comparison the fluorescent bulbs may burn for 15,000 to 20,000 hours but they lose 60% of their efficiency after the first 12,000 hours. Clients often ask about T12, T8, and T5 fluorescent tubes. Please note that if you have already changed your T12 fluorescent tubes to T8 fluorescent tubes, we can still save you 80% with the LEDs. If you currently have T12s we can save you 60% or more. Clients also ask about the cost of a new 'ballast'. With LEDs there is no ballast required, because it uses so much less power. So, commercial clients save dramatically on the monthly electricity bills with LEDs, plus they save additionally when you factor in the offset cost of ballasts, periodic fluorescent tube replacement, the accompanying labor, and the recent tax deduction incentives for energy reduction at LED savings levels. Commercial LEDs will literally run for decades and the payback comes within two to three years, if not sooner depending on use. You may want to take the bulbs with you if your leave the property!

How do I get STARTED? To get started, just let us know a good day and time for us to come on site and prepare ‘an inventory count’ of the bulbs/fixtures and spot check the Lumens and Color Temperature to match what you have or discuss improvements. You can also email us a lighting schedule. We then prepare and deliver the report with the calculations on the annual and monthly operating costs and the projected savings each month and year. The cost for the Review and the Report is free. You can then decide to start with a 'Phase 1' section of your property that we identify as having the fastest payback. Then, based on the resutls that you see from your next utility bill, you can expand into other areas of the property. Pay for the LED bulbs up front, pay on a 36 month payment plan, or other custom tailored 'cash-flow-positve' financing solutions. With the Performance Program, you just pay 60% of the monthly savings relative to the electricity used each month, as it relates to the consumption in the month of the trailing year. We have structured this program so that you do not have to pay ANYTHING up-front, and you will actually start saving money in the very first month. This is the most cost-effective energy saving solution available.

Is there any follow on support? Yes. We want you to have the most cost-effective and user-friendly lighting system for your property. 100% satisfaction may mean making periodic 'refinements' to meet the needs of changing retail layouts, workspace requirements, etc. You are not handcuffed with the lighting, because we are available to switch out fixtures and bulbs to meet your needs. We are also available to advise you on dimming controls, occupancy sensors, light harvesting technology and other cost saving and convenience technology. Our business is simply based on reducing your energy bills and increasing the quality of your workspace, in the beginning and over time.


‘GREEN’ Commercial Property Design and Renovation

Leadership in Energy and Environmental DesignLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a certification for properties that takes into account a broad range of Energy and Environmental considerations. Since some states offer incentives for LEED certification, we offer the support work since we have multiple LEED Accredited Professionals on our full time staff. The cost of the LEED coordination is structured on a case-by-case basis. Please also note that the LED lighting program is one of the the most cost-effective ways to achieve LEED points, specifically for Energy and Atmosphere EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance.

Commercial Performance Coordination