Energy saving in Spring: Part 1

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Good Morning!!! Welcome to another edition of the Great Green Home Show! We’re glad you tuned in this morning. We have a great show today – we’ll be talking about some of the things you can do this spring to green up your home and your neighborhood. We’ll also be talking discussing population, brownfields, the superbowl and a bunch of other stuff.

But before we get into any of that, we have an important News Flash:

There’s an important renewable energy funding bill before the Senate this week. It passed the House but has been killed two or three times by the Senate. Apparently, part of the reason it's being voted down is because the paultry $18 billion price tag, is being financed by extracting less than 1% of the subsidies currently appropriated for coal, oil and gas... apparently, this dastardly greedy grab at the same free tax money these fat, overly profitable industries have been receiving for decades, is so outrageous that the politicians who are tied to these businesses through lobbying and campaign funds are either voting against or abstaining from voting on this bill. Even John McCain, whose state would have gained a very large solar parabolic furnace utility (which, by the way, would basically have created enough electricity from the sun to power somewhere between 70 and 80,000 homes, more cheaply than the other utilities could provide) abstained from the last vote and this enormously important bill was defeated by how many votes?... you guessed it…1 vote... The bill was endorsed by the governor and overwhelmingly supported by the people of his state of Arizona and yet he still didn’t show, probably because he was too busy campaigning for a new job, to do his current job...

So we need you to write your congressman, call your Senators, send a lot of Emails... make your voices be heard on this. THE funding for renewable energy sources. Now I don’t wanna start sounding like Dennis Miller here, but I can’t overemphasize the importance of getting this bill passed, for several obvious reasons, but mostly because it can truly have a major impact on (and may be the key to) the rebound of our economy. If we can get back to being technology leaders like we used to be, as opposed to the followers we’ve become, we can eliminate our reliance on foreign oil, create millions of jobs, and start selling technology overseas instead of sending jobs there. We’re about to start importing compressed air powered cars from both France and New Zealand (which we’ll talk about on next week’s show). Why aren’t we making them here and sending them there. Use GE as an example. Yes, General Electric is making and selling solar panels so fast, they just can’t keep them on the shelves. They’re exporting the majority of them to Germany, Spain, Japan… because the demand is higher outside the U.S. than here at home. Which of course begs the question: “why?”. How high does the price of gas have to go? How bad does the economy have to get? What will it take for us to recognize that the future is renewable and sustainable technology? So make the call, write the letter, get your friends to do the same. Let’s get a grass roots thing going here and get Uncle Sam to put some money into green technology so we can regain our place as the world leader and maybe have one less reason to throw away money and the lives of our brave and selfless armed forces. Wait! Did you hear that noise? That was the sound of me tossing away my soapbox.

So anyway grab your poodle or your iguana, put your backside in the easy chair on the porch and listen to us pontificate while you watch the grass grow.

I’m Doug Hunt and next to me is my co-host, Paul Hughes. You feeling a little better than last week?

I feel great this morning. I’ve still get a buzz going from the great green expo..... I see this as a wonderful first effort.... and certainly helps get the word out and gets us started in our minds for spring, earth day, and changing some of our habits for a more healthy, energy-saving... rest of the year... and beyond.

So later in the show, we’re doing a list about some of that”

As it is Earth Day month, there are many many events coming up and it's quite exciting. It's great to see all the TV shows, and Green special magazine issues, lots of speeches and seminars by people... it's very encouraging... and every year more more people hearing more and more people listen.... so I want people to just participate in as much earth day stuff as they can..... new products and all the new technology.... all the lists of money-saving ways to save energy, reduce your carbon for print, recycle, compost, become more self-sufficient, conserve, etc...... and start the really hard part which goes on for the rest of the year which is constantly attacking our way east of the ways we are set.... as we have said many many times we've got a million lists here but unless people can change their habits none of this will get done

I'm moving to one vehicle.... downsizing.... putting a cap on the things that I need and as I go through this process, a painful process by the way, I am noticing that I can see more things on the other side of this that I didn't see before that I probably need to give and don’t really need....

SO my first suggestion is to make a list of 5 to10 things to work on changing...., if you need to make a list of 3 make a list of 3.. and concentrate on changing those things... I chose the car because it seemed like the biggest and hardest thing for me to conceive... but I'm on my second downsizing of cars.... and I think I'll be very happy in the future.... the Honda element I have that I drive everywhere has plenty of room to do everything that I need to do just shy of a pickup truck and he gets close to 28 miles a gallon with a manual transmission. I don’t eat lunches out (( that’s a tough one for Me)).... cut my beef consumption to almost nothing... and I'm trying to organize my trips into the city more wisely.... and when I can carpool.... the hardest thing for me to remember is turning off my electronics.... lights. Stereo TV VCR all that neat gimmicky stuff.... got a remember to turn it off... especially the computer... so Earth Day is a great time to start.... and keep listening to us and we will keep you going for the rest of the year by reminding ourselves and you that this is a journey, an achievable one... headed for a destination.... a sustainable beautiful wonderful green planet

Good! And don’t forget about Power Up day at Hagley… a week from today April 20th from 10am to 4pm… and it’s free! Now… Paul, please thank our sponsors.

Thanks to: – CMI Solar Electric - Energy Services Group - Suntrust Mortgage of Christiana – Green and - Scott Birney for donating so much time towards these projects and also Mark Unruh for the great music… to the rest of the Sin City Band: Stevie, Bob, Dave and John – Thanks. Protect us Doug…

Top 10 Things for Spring Greening – 3:00 Sponsored by: Energy Services Group

  1. Rain barrels for garden water...washing car...lawn....75% of water used in a home comes from lawn,car and garden care....
  2. Compost, starting a compost,... or applying yours to the garden soil
  3. Start your garden... till the soil, grow your own food organically...
  4. Think about , start or join a community garden, get together with your neighbors
  5. Carpool, get together with neighbors who do the community garden and ride to work or to mass transit and plan your garden, and plan how you're going to work it
  6. Break out the bicycle.... maybe to ride to work maybe just for exercise
  7. Support your local farmer by buying local produce and products, CSA
  8. Take a canning class, get ready to put a lot of the fruits of your labor up for the winner and save a lot of money, some people make a lot of sauces, soups, sauces, or just plain canned vegetables
  9. Spring cleaning.... free cycle your stuff... and look on free cycle for stuff a unique, recycle...
  10. use fans and whole house fans to reduce air conditioning cots, raise the temp on AC to a tolerable level and leave it there...

We’ll be right back...

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