From healthy Homes to healthy eating: Part 1

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Good Morning!!! Welcome to another edition of the Great Green Home Show! Thanks for tuning in this morning. We have a great show today – we’ll be talking about food and population and food and how to green a business and food. Did I mention we’re going to talk about food? Anyway, we hope you’ve been enjoying the spring so far. It's a great reminder that summer is coming. But... the spring itself here in the Delaware Valley is absolutely spectacular... I encourage you grab a bicycle, bring it to any number of great biking spots and take a little ride. Go somewhere you haven’t ventured to before and enjoy yourself. Go out to Rockford Park, Bellevue State Park or the Delcastle Recreation Area. Put on some roller blades and check out the Riverfront if you haven’t been there in a while. Go out to Greenville or Centerville, maybe cut over to Yorklyn, or even head down County, towards Townsend, Blackbird. If you want to save a little money or carbon and not drive so far, you can drive up Route 52 and into Kennett Square and go to Longwood Gardens. Or take a hike along the Brandywine or visit Hagley Museum. Go find a safe place to pull over the car, get out and actually “stop and smell the roses”. And while you’re at it, take a walk down the road for a little bit (at a leisurely stroll) and notice the world around you and the pace at which it's moving... I think you’ll find that nature moves at a much different pace than we’re used to. Every once in a while we all need reminding that there’s more to life than our jobs and the hectic pace we all normally function at.

Speaking of Hagley… as soon as our show is over, pick yourself up and go over to Hagley for the Power Up at Hagley Day that started about an hour ago. In fact, get going during the next commercial break and put us on in the car on your way. It’s today, for one day only and you’ll get to see and meet and hear from some amazing individuals like Catherine Cunningham, who started a foundation called “Power-up Gambia” for the express purpose of raising money to pay for solar panels to power a hospital in Gambia Africa. An amazing young woman and an amazing cause, and you can hear all about it first-hand if you get yourself over to Hagley today before 4:00PM. No matter what you decide to do, we’d like to hear

So grab your wife and your hoe, get some tomato plants, squash, fertilizer and map out your garden...take the radio out into the garden and mulch away.

I’m Doug Hunt and next to me is my co-host, Paul Hughes

I feel great this morning. I’ve still get a buzz going from the great green expo..... I see this as a wonderful first effort.... and certainly helps get the word out and gets us started in our minds for spring, earth day, and changing some of our habits for a more healthy, energy-saving... rest of the year... and beyond.

So later in the show, we’re doing a list about some of that”

As it is Earth Day month, there are many many events coming up and it's quite exciting. It's great to see all the TV shows, and Green special magazine issues, lots of speeches and seminars by people... it's very encouraging... and every year more more people hearing more and more people listen.... so I want people to just participate in as much earth day stuff as they can..... new products and all the new technology.... all the lists of money-saving ways to save energy, reduce your carbon for print, recycle, compost, become more self-sufficient, conserve, etc...... and start the really hard part which goes on for the rest of the year which is constantly attacking our way east of the ways we are set.... as we have said many many times we've got a million lists here but unless people can change their habits none of this will get done

I'm moving to one vehicle.... downsizing.... putting a cap on the things that I need and as I go through this process, a painful, confusing process by the way, I am noticing that I can see more things on the other side of this step, that I didn't see before, that I probably could to give up and don’t really lets talk about a key component in this necessary and helpful change we need to make to build a more sustainable world....the dreaded word....

Sacrifice.... Let’s talk about it... What does it really mean..... lets define in the context of REAL Sacrifice....

  1. Car pooling....melting your car for warplanes in1939...
  2. Mass transit....reducing cars on the road
  3. Reducing energy consumption....brown outs...countries with no power...being wasteful has become the norm....spolied...entitlement..
  4. Changing what we eat...less meat and more vegs...grains......not having anything to eat today so your children can eat

Good! And don’t forget about Power Up day at Hagley… April 20th from 10am to 4pm… and it’s free! Now… Paul, please thank our sponsors. Thanks to: – CMI Solar Electric - Energy Services Group - Suntrust Mortgage of Christiana – Green and - Scott Birney for donating so much time towards these projects and also Mark Unruh for the great music… to the rest of the Sin City Band: Stevie, Bob, Dave and John – Thanks. Protect us Doug…

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