Green Expo and healthy living (continued more): Part 2

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Overall Segment #2 – 12:00

Welcome back to the GGHS

Top 10 things we liked about the Expo Sponsored by: Energy Services Group

  1. All the people who showed up and hung around, and contributed to make it a success...we really did very little... it was Clear Channel Delaware that did months of work... please call them let them know... sign up for next year..
  2. Networking among the Vendors... the exchange of ideas
  3. All the great diverse groups... people just starting to be green and those who have Been green for awhile...
  4. Information... lots of good information...
  5. Everyone engaged in conversation... looks on faces... etc...
  6. There was such a great turn out. Positive attitude... lots of give-aways... green gifts and great handouts...
  7. Happy Crowd... Music... if you missed it - wow it was great...
  8. The Kids... My nephew... Global warming and people caring
  9. What this showed us about being green and greening business and the future...
  10. People were actually nice to each other. Many comments to that effect…

Green Boot Camp – 4:00 Sponsored by: CMI Electric

(noise of the door opening, boots stomping coming to an abrupt halt... and the voice is heard)

DS: Wag it and shag it you maggots!!! Don your socks and grab your toothbrushes... get your butts out of the sack... you lazy... trash littering... gas guzzling... wasteful... pathetic excuses for ECO Beings... I want you out on the parade grounds by 0500 sharp... and that means you to Righetti... we're gonna whup you into shape boy... you’re gonna be a lean, clean, mean, recyclin’ machine when I get through with you. Don't be laughin’ O'Reilly… I’ve seen your electric bill… you need to trim the energy fat boy! been livin’ sloppy son!!! Well, all that stops right here, right now... Thomas!... What’s with your air conditioning bills, you weasel... you're a disgrace... you have no self control... it’s all me me, me with you. You know, even though the letters M and E are in the Word TEAM, they’re also in the word MEAT… and that’s what I’m gonna turn you into if you don’t get your energy wastin’ head outta yer keester!!! You hear me “MEAT”? You’re gonna have to get used to being a member of “Team Earth”! Now drop and give me twenty “meat”... Come on… right now… I want twenty ways to save energy around the house... where do you think you are Meat? It's all about team play from now on... Now get your butts into the low flow shower and get yourselves dressed... no wasting water... Use the double flush toilet Smithers... or you'll be wearing it... all o’ ya! Do I make myself clear?

GC (Green Cadets): yes Sergeant....

DS: I can’t hear you... I wanna hear it right now, loud and clear, or I'll have you all doin’ carbon footprint calculations until next January!

GC: Yes Sergeant!!!

(reveille in the background by Doug)

DS: Straighten up there, they'll be no slouchin’ in this green commando unit... Alright, are you sissies ready to recite the green commando oath?!!!

GC: Yes Sergeant!!!

DS: You need to do better do better than that, you slimy, plastic bag totin’, Styrofoam plate usin’, copier paper wastin’ Eco-jects... yeah, I said “eco-jects”... I know it don't make no sense.... but you’ll remember it! Any o’ you 8 cylinder, SUV drivin’ Susies wanna make somethin’ of it? I didn’t think so… NOW... face south you 5 times a week beef eatin’, protein unconscious, ingrates and say it proud.

GC: We promise from this day forward to respect all life, to recycle our paper products, hang our clothes on the line, plant two trees for everyone taken out, and never ever use Styrofoam products or products made from crude oil that haven't been recycled. We promise to drive hybrid cars or plug in electrics as soon as it's time to trade in our old cars. We promised to band with our brothers and carpool whenever possible and to ride our bicycles and car share much as possible. It is our honor to install solar power on our roofs and in our neighborhoods, to endorse wind power in all class three plus sites, and wherever possible dig geothermal wells and use the heat from the earth. We will support local agriculture, organic where possible and we dedicate ourselves to the conservation of energy in every form with the goal of freedom from foreign oil, liberty and the pursuit of a 35% energy reduction per household by the year 2010.

DS: I hope you all understand the gravity of this situation. You are not just gonna be green commandos… you're gonna to be the people who shape the future of this country and set an example to hold up to the world... why are you smiling Mr. Blatz

C. Blatz: Permission to speak freely sir

DS: Against my better judgment Cadet Blatz... go ahead

C. Blatz: It seems to me sir, that all of this might be useless... I won't be around in 35 or 40 years... DS: Thank you very much Cadet Blatz... who would like to tell Blatz here, why carin’ for the environment and puttin’ in some work now is worth our best efforts?... How about you Sweeney...

OOH OOH OOH C. Sweeney: Thank you sir, what Cadet Blatz may not know Sir... is that the condition of the earth around us is but a reflection of how we treat ourselves sir...

DS: Go on Cadet

C. Sweeney: Well it's like to the Tao, Sir, you know that Chinese thing... about everything being connected, Sir... I see it like this... if I live a life of honor, courage, and integrity in everything I do and especially in how I treat the world around me, including the people I run into... well sir, that’ll have a positive affect the world sir, especially if we all act accordingly... and the world around us will reflect how we treat ourselves, sir… that Yang Yang thing... you know Sir, changing the world from within... change yourself and you change the world sir... quite gratifying I might add...

DS: While I agree with you Sweeney, you could have figured out how to say it in a slightly less sissified way. Something for you to chew on Cadet Blatz... and your children might benefit from it too... Now, can I get a “hoo ha”... for Cadet Sweeney...

GC: Hoo Ha!!!

DS: All right you unclean heathens... grab your biodegradable garbage bags, recycled plastic gloves, and form a single-line. Alright! March double time over to that pile of trash... let’s see what we can make of it?... It's that way Rhigetti... Everyone’s on Recycle duty today... let me hear you sing it

GC: I don't know but I've been told, Recyclin’ is good for my soul Garbage piled this high each day, Methane capture is the way
Sound off – one, two - Sound off – three, four
Oil’s expensive runnin low, Electric cars the way to go
Ocean stocks are running dry, Overfishing is the why
Sound off – one, two - Sound off – three, four

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down – 5:00 Sponsored by: Option Insurance Group

Thumbs up!

Finland: Europe's technology leader. Although it's on the fringe of Europe geographically, for years Finland has been at the center of the continent's tech industry.

The country gave birth to cell phone leader Nokia has emerged as a place where multinationals like to recruit and erect labs. The government and local entrepreneurs are now moving into clean technology.

Prime Minister Matthew Vanhaten says that back in the 80’s, the country saw the dawning of globalization and realized it would have to dig out a high-end niche in the industry. “Because we cannot compete with Asian companies with low wages, our only possibility has been to stay a few steps forward. Of course”, he said, “we also invested in education.”

And here's the key part; as a nation, funding for research and development has also consistently remained fairly high. Finland invests around 3.5% of its gross domestic product into R&D. “There are only two or three other nations that spend that much” he said. The Eastern European bloc as a whole wants to raise the figure for member states to 3%.

A thumbs up to Finland for finding a way to keep their economy going and growing. Well, globalization continues to level the playing field here in the US. Perhaps our government should be watching and listening.

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