Green Expo and healthy living (continued): Part 1

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Good Morning!!! Welcome to another edition of the Great Green Home Show... This show is actually airing one day after the Great Green Expo. We trust everyone listening had an opportunity to come out to the first annual Expo. We had a wonderful time and hope that you did too. This thing will get bigger and bigger every year and we hope you'll stay with us and through your feedback, maybe even help us plan next year's Expo so we can keep fighting to green the planet and with any luck, have a blast doing it. If you were there, we’re thinking you can see just how much fun and how rewarding this can be. It benefits us all and it sends an important message that the future is GREEN. Thanks to Clear Channel for producing the Expo. They’re to be commended... for really being green... all the volunteers... they’ve come a long way in a year and we applaud their progress toward being a mighty green example for other organizations.

If you listened to last week's show, you know we were treated with an amazing guest, Katherine Cunningham and her truly inspirational story about Power-up Gambia. Such an incredible and worthy cause. I hope we can have her back to give us an update. For those of you who somehow missed the show, Katherine is a med student who went to volunteer at a hospital in Gambia, Africa. What she found there was a fully built hospital that was lacking three things, Doctors, constantly running water and constantly running electricity. Because they are not hooked into any municipal power grid, they run off of generators and could only afford enough fuel for a few hours a day.

So Kathryn decided to start a foundation to raise the money to purchase a solar power system large enough to run the entire hospital 24/7. She takes no salary, the entire foundation has near zero expenses and they’re about half-way to their goal. Speaking of which, don't forget that coming up in April is the Power up Gambia day at Hagley Museum on Sunday, April 20th from 10am to 4pm. There’ll be speakers and other great information. If this day is a success, they might actually reach their goal and save countless lives.

You can get more information on Power-up Gambia by visiting So grab your grape Ne-hi or your Arnold Palmer or your caffeine-free green tea and let's get going with this week’s show.

I’m Doug Hunt and next to me is my co-host, Paul Hughes. How ya feelin’ this mornin? Are you “feelin’ the love” this morning?

Okay, everybody, Happy Sunday morning, I hope you’re all recovering from the great green expo. We sincerely hope that it inspired you and helped you make connections with other like minded people....(((Satire )))

There was so much networking going on… just flowing in the aisles... What did you think Doug? I mean, what struck you and stuck in your mind about the Expo? What was your favorite booth?

Doug responds: Overall impression, Vendors, Kid’s stuff, Speakers, and Clear Channel

Just a reminder…I’ll be doing a bunch of seminars on the advantages of moving into the urban areas and how to green your suburban lifestyle, live well and save money by taking advantage of things such as public transportation, close proximity to work, shopping, car share, etc…

I'll be announcing the dates and whereabouts for those seminars on being green, living green, saving money, and actually improving your quality of life, while reducing your carbon footprint and your cost of living... I think a lot of people will find this very exciting, and well grounded information... many Europeans have been doing it for centuries and they live a great lifestyle over there... sometimes I think it's a bit smarter than ours... so keep an eye out for that... Oh yes, I'm still looking for one more sponsor for the roadshow

Well anyway...Some of you are listening to us for the first time because we met you at the Great Green Expo and we welcome you to our show we hope that you’ll listen often, but if you miss us on Sunday you can go to and use the keyword Green Fox.... and listen to us anytime you want.

Call 443-553-5888 and ask for me or just ask if the green Fox is hanging out... also go to GreenandSave .com and look for that huge upgrade over time...its the best site on the web to learn, compare and shop for energy saving products. Good! Now please thank our sponsors.

Thanks to: – CMI Solar Electric - Energy Services Group - Suntrust Mortgage of Christiana - and Option Insurance Group. Also, Mark Unruh for the great music… Protect us Doug…

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