Green Expo and healthy living (continued): Part 3

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Overall Segment #3 – 12:00

Welcome back to the GGHS

Guest Segment Time – 12:00 Sponsored by: Suntrust Mortgage of Christiana

Francine Covelli of Francine’s Organic in Hockessin

How are you this morning Francine... firstly and more importantly what did you bring us today?... Why don’t we start from the beginning:

  1. Okay tell o a little bit about your background… how and where you started in the food business, the different businesses you’re doing... what was your inspiration
  2. How did you come up with the idea for the new Francine's
  3. How are things going and when do you see yourself opening...
  4. Can you explain what type of community marketplace this is... I've been telling people it's like the old time General store but with a lot of new twists… sort of like Seattle coffee and tea shop meets your local General store with a pot belly stove
  5. Okay, let's talk about the baked goods...

    how bout to produce... organic... locally grown produce....

    will we be able to order sandwiches, quick meals, things like that...

    what other products will you have on the first floor... any clothing?

  6. Let’s talk about the coffees and the teas… you also a pretty large kitchen there. What else might we expect
  7. Talk about your school lunch programs and your nutritional counseling
  8. Banquets - let's talk about the second floor and the different things that would be going on up there.... rooms and services....
  9. So tell everybody where you're located, how to find it, when you’ll be opening all that kind of stuff
  10. Talk about the green aspect of the building, the pains they used... products, recycling, the green roof..... your other plans for greening the business
  11. what about music... gatherings... different speakers and community information...
  12. So what's in the future for Francine.... what's up next...

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Commercial Break – 2:10

Overall Segment #4 – 9:00

Welcome back to the GGHS. Guest Segment (continued) – 7:00. The Announcement of Great Green Home Shows – 1:00. Before we sign off and want to remind people that we’ll be doing a green show at the Bear library on April 10 from 7 to 8:30PM for the whole family... and then we're going to be doing a Kids green show the Bear library on April 26 from 11AM to 12:30PM… Please come join us and have some fun and learn about money-saving strategies to reduce your bills and energy consumption/.... our presentation for young people is informative, motivating, fun and we never, ever, ever do doom and gloom... because there's no need to... we really do have a blast at these things... so if you or your organization wants to put on a Great Green Home Show presentation, just contact us. Sign-off, thank sponsors and crew, announce next weeks guests (Doug) – 1:00. We’d like to thank our sponsors: Suntrust Mortgage, CMI Electric, Energy Services Group, and Option Insurance Group, Green and and also our guest today: Francine Covelli of Francine’s Organic. We also need to thank our studio crew: Our engineer – John Lamonica and Our producer – Brooke Chase

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