Green Expo and healthy living: Part 1

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Good Morning!!! Welcome to another edition of the Great Green Home Show... We’re only a couple of weeks away from the great Green Expo... don't miss it.

We hope you enjoyed last week's show about landfill methane capture and what’s possible in the future for landfills. It was really encouraging to learn that a small landfill in Chester County could create its own methane capture program that within a few short years will be turning a profit and producing enough electricity to supply several of its local neighborhoods and more. I think we’ve found something else that we need to make sure gets to the eyes and ears of the powers that be, when you look at our own trash mountains and the mountains of problems that go with them. Maybe there’s hope there also.

We will also be doing more shows on the advantages and direct savings of moving into the urban areas, by taking advantage of things such as public transportation, close proximity to work, shopping, car share, etc…

Well anyway...Some of you are just waking up, Some are driving back from church, and some are reading your Sunday paper. The important thing is that you're listening because you care, you care about what happens to your kids, you care about what happens to the environment, and you care how you live your life. So if you're just tuning in for the first time congratulations.... Thanks for joining us....

So grab your organic, skim, half-caff, low-foam, no-whip, double latte mocha-chino – or last night's Root beer off the kitchen table, curl up with the dog, or the cat or the ferret or the rabbit and we’ll start the show.

I’m Doug Hunt and next to me is my co-host, Paul Hughes. What’s on your mind this week?

Okay, everybody, happy Sunday morning, we're getting very close to that great Green Expo on March 29th.. There will be a lot of booths there that have to do with nonprofits and the work that they're trying to do in helping to green our planet, so come support them. They're very important and are extremely necessary as we try to push our culture towards the tipping point of a new eco-economy. I can’t take credit for that phrase but it's where were headed according to a very wise man named Lester Brown from the Earthwatch Institute.

In light of that, I want to talk briefly though about the profit that can be made by going green. I want everyone to think about that for a minute; making money as we replace the old ways of creating and using energy and create new ones. A lot of People ask me these days: “ What should we invest in; wind, solar, water, geothermal, etc....”

THE short answer here is; we have a long road ahead of us, and is it really doesn't matter which one you choose, they’re all going to be important in the future and it all depends on where you are geographically and what source has been developed technologically superior to the others using the resources available in your area....., and who gets to the finish line first.

The CEOs of Dow Chemical, GE, Archer Daniels Midland, DuPont, Chevron, BP and many other large corporations are gearing up for a share of the $3 trillion a year business creating new sources of energy, and with carbon cap and trade it's going to be quite something...... and greed for lack of a better word ( ala Gordon Gekko ) will probably be what fuels our future and our climb out of our current economic and environmental malaise... So if you like business and you can wrap your mind around environmental capitalism... it should be a fun ride that brings a lot of prosperity to those who work in the businesses and get on board the innovation train and hopefully we should end up somewhere in the sustainable energy future that is a lot cleaner and leaves our kids future much brighter.

Oh yes, we are re-building the website so it can accommodate more information about living a more sustainable lifestyle. We were reporting with a lot more features and information about where to live, how to live better, and how to upgrade your own home to reduce your carbon footprint, and energy use. So please bear with us. We should be up and running as soon as we can get everything downloaded and available. For help in finding energy-efficient homes in the suburbs or in the city.. call 443-553-5888 and ask for me all are just ask the green Fox is hanging out.... also go to GreenandSave .com and look for that huge upgrade over time...its the of the green world

Doug, remind us of that great green expo on March 29....

“The Great Green Expo” on March 29th at the Chase Riverfront Center. I’m done threatening and serving up guilt trips and intimating that you might miss someone famous if you don’t go to the Great Green Expo. Nope, now I’m appealing to your common sense. If you have any desire to make sure that there’s still a planet left for your kids or your grandkids to enjoy, you need to come to the EXPO. Or if you’re a money motivated capitalist who has little concern for our planet, but want to see where all the money is going to be made in the next 50 years, you need to come to the EXPO. Or if you want to be at the right place to learn all about being green and how to save money, come visit us at the Great Green Expo on March 29th, 9am to 5pm. THE Pocket band from the Washington, DC area will start playing at around 10:30am and the Sin City Super-group will start at around 2:30pm. If that doesn’t get ‘em there Paul, I don’t know what will. Please thank our sponsors.

Thanks to: – CMI Solar Electric - Energy Services Group - Suntrust Mortgage of Christiana - and Option Insurance Group. Also, Mark Unruh for the great music… Protect us Doug…

Today’s Topic – 3:00 Sponsored by:

As you know the great green home show is always trying to present hopeful examples of progress on the environmental front. I just finished watching a couple of feel-good movies, you know the ones where the hero comes back in the end, hit's the home run, scores the winning touchdown, basically finally overcomes his/her own shortcomings and saves the day. I got to tell you, I love these movies. These are my favorite type of movies, where the world is against you, the odds seem too high and a lot of the time (for a while at least) the hero finds herself alone or sees himself as being alone. And then someone comes along or something happens and they find the strength to overcome their shortcomings and step outside of their old way of acting and seeing life, to become the person that they always knew that they were. And the cool thing about these movies is that's usually where it ends, and in our minds, that hero or heroine is forever transformed. I've got to tell you I really like that image.

Well it's the real world here but we're still on the same path everyday trying to find new ways of improving the health of the planet, improving the way that we live, and finding ways to highlight heroes and become heroes ourselves. Or as we like to say you can be a Great Green Fox too... it just takes some work.

Okay on today's story...

--In a report compiled in the early 2007 US Department of Energy listed 151 coal-fired power plants in the planning stages and talked about resurgence in coal-fired electricity. But, here's the good part… during 2007, 59 proposed US coal-fired power plants were either refused licenses by state governments or were quietly abandoned. In addition to the 59 plants that were dropped, close to 50 more coal plants are currently being contested in the courts and the remaining plants will likely be challenged as they reached the permitting stage.

--What began as a few local ripples of resistance to coal-fired power, is quickly evolving into a national title wave of grass-roots opposition from environmental, health, farm, and community organizations as well as a fast-growing number of state governments. --The public at large is turning against coal. In September 2007 a national poll by the Opinion Research Corporation about which electricity source people would prefer, only 3% chose coal. (ARE Delmarva and or our Local Legislature listening?)

Okay, here's my point for everybody out there who's a tree hugger, or not... there are enough people out there, activist groups, enlightened local government organizations, mothers and fathers who want a healthy environment for their children, and, and even Major Financial institutions fighting against Nuclear power and Dirty coal, -- that it looks like both are slowly on the way out, at least in its present carbon belching and radioactive waste forms.

So... if you followed last week’s show, then you know we presented a lot of practical reasons and economic reasons why nuclear power wasn't going to happen anytime soon (at least not on any large scale) here in the U.S., and now we see a groundswell against new coal-fired plants...

--So with that, can anyone in the state of Delaware or anywhere else on the Coast explain to me why we're not building a wind farm off of our coast as fast as we can? I have only myself and the internet to research this data, and the local Legislature has so much more time and resources, yet they seem to be completely unaware of the larger picture... this has been a global movement for a while and the citizens of this country have been a part of it and for quite a while. What our government and local government is missing is that in the big picture, we have been well-organized for quite a while and the tipping point in effective resistance has apparently been reached.

If you take a look at the trends nationwide and worldwide and the protests and the effective legislative and court based initiatives which are now effectively eliminating most of the proposed new nuclear and coal plants from the picture, it seems to me that we should be building alternative energy sources as quickly as possible. In essence, I am not sure that our local government is aware that the fervent protests against coal and gas and the overwhelming citizen support for bluewaterwind and their projects are not just a local or new phenomenon.

If you look at the national map we are eliminating the possibility of everything carbon belching but alternative energy. It is inevitable, it is a groundswell that will not be stopped and can only be delayed by local politicians who may or may not be playing games within their own political careers and political debts. That remains to be seen. They could just be misinformed by those entities battling to hold onto their present and future quarterly profits.

What is certain is that this will happen, and most assuredly is happening... it's just a matter of time and a matter of cost.

And for those who don't know, I do believe that Bluewaterwind has pledged a certain amount of manufacturing to the state, should this project go forward. Again I don't have confirmation on that, but it sure looks like something that we need with the layoffs coming at Chrysler and into some other banking institutions.

So let's get going people, we must make this happen as quickly as possible... it looks like the citizens of the United States want it... and If the court cases and the disinvestment in coal and Nuclear plants in other parts of the country is any indication, we will have it.

By the way if you haven’t, watched: Coach Carter, Bull Durham, The Princess Bride, Glory Road, Hoosiers, or Remember the Titans... Treat yourself... get psyched, and then go save the planet.... May I suggest you start with your own neighborhood..... perhaps a neighborhood garden or car pooling with your neighbor....

We’ll be right back...

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