Green Pets, Investing, and Home Remodeling: Part 1

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Good Morning! Welcome to the GGHS. Yes it’s time, once again, to learn how to save some energy, some money and some carbon… all while smiling. That’s what we do here on the GGHS… we try to make you smile while we providing you with energy saving tips, the latest information on the state of energy, energy technology and all things green.

We want to thank our listeners and also all the folks who are listening on we want you all to know how much we appreciate those of you who care enough to tune in. Pretty soon we'll have some video of the best part of the show that you don't hear, the part that happens during commercial breaks where a lot of interesting discussions take place off air. You’ll be able to catch that very soon at along with all the other great advice and money-saving green deals that they have there.

I’m Superman and as usual I am joined by my trusty sidekick the Tooth Fairy who many people don’t know, is actually also the Easter Bunny. Sorry… I lost my mind for a brief moment… I’m Doug Hunt and I am joined, as always, by my co-host Paul Hughes.

What are we talking about today Paulo?

P: Well Doug, today we are talking about a lot of different topics and of course the word green will pop up all over...

D: Something new and different!!!

P: First we are going to talk about green-washing. No my ecologically minded friend, not using non-phosphate detergents, but rather talking about companies that say there being environmentally friendly when creating products when they're really not. We’ll take excerpts from a great article from our friend Peter Krull, at Krull and Company... a buddy down in Darien, Georgia who everyone should check out. and on the net. He’s all about sustainable and responsible investing.

D: What kind of fun stuff do we have?

P: We have a new article from our producer Brooke on greening your pets...

D: If it means I don't have to bathe them anymore, then I am all for it.

P: It's something a little different than that my friend and actually, although I think your cat Kilroy would look great with the green mohawk... certainly would be easier to find him when he gets out

D: I understand we also have our guest Charlie Zsoradi, the mastermind behind, who’s with us today to talk about how to reduce the energy consumption in your home without spending a gajillion, quintillion, googillion dollars. In some cases, you may even spend very, very little or even nothing!!!

P: Charlie's a pretty entertaining guy and probably the best green architects I know... he lives in a green remodeled house he designed and built and actually walks the green walk...

D: That’s the rumor on the street. We also have a couple of news flashes especially for you people in PA who are looking for little relief in terms of subsidies for solar, wind and other renewables... it's finally on its way...

P: It's about time, Governor Rendell finally signed over some money and we’ll be talking about when that's gonna show up and what it means for you...

Just to reiterate, as we all know the economy is changing, not just tanking... It looks like the old ways of doing things are no longer working, not economically anyway. So we are here to help. In the coming weeks and months we're going to be bringing in guests who are experts in their field and try to dispel some myths and the new “green urban legends” which are now floating around out there.

Questions like: Are the banks solvent?; Will there be brown-outs soon?; How high will the sea level rise in Wilmington and other coastal cities and how soon?; Will there be shortages of heating oil this winter?; How secure is our water supply?; and so on.

Things are changing rapidly here in the United States and in order to facilitate this change from one type of economy to another, a non-fossil fuel-based society... were all going to need to pull together, get ourselves educated in the right way, and put ourselves to the side just a little bit and push forward with some pretty heavy initiatives and teamwork. Personally, I think this is exactly what America needs in order to cut through all of the racism sexism adultism and classism in order to bring people together. Every cloud has a silver lining, everyone.... I'm very excited about this.

We had Kevin Hanson in here last week and he has been working very hard on the larger picture when it comes to environmental exposés. Go to and check out some of his videos on many different environmental topics. In longer discussions last week with Kevin I realized that there are a lot of very well-educated people that I know who are in different green related businesses and technology areas who are very concerned that changes are coming faster than the government or the media, and I mean mainstream media, are telling us. So in order to keep up with this and to separate fact from fiction and to make a Jesse Jackson prediction... one that's based on fact not hearsay... so that we can keep our listeners informed and help them create their own energy independent lifestyle, home and a country.... the great green home show will be working very hard to have guests who are leaders in their fields who can give precise and helpful information on what's happening in our world and what's likely to happen in the future.

In fact, next week we’ll have Ron Marini from SunTrust Mortgage on the show who is going to talk about the solvency of our banking industry, the bailout, quote unquote, of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and how to get an energy-efficient mortgage or refi.

So Doug what has been happening for you my kind, gracious and generous friend. How are things going with you? Well, aside from getting Aunt Jean settled in at the house, and harvesting the first stuff from my garden…Ooh! What did you get from the garden?

One habanero pepper, two grape tomatoes and four green beans. It was a small harvest. Anyway, I read this article about Bill Nye the science guy and Ed Begley, Jr competing to see who’s greener, and while I recognize that they’re on a whole different level than the average Jane, I think we need to encourage some competition to see who can lower their bills by a larger percentage, and our guest today is just the man to help me win!!!

Any real green news? Why yes Paul… yes there is… and this green newsbit is brought to you by Twin Lakes Brewery – the solar fired brew

Last week Al Gore, in a much-noted speech in Washington, called on the presidential candidates, Congress, and the nation to dramatically change course on energy production and use. Gore essentially asked America to pursue a new national purpose, just as the United States did with the Apollo program to put a man on the moon. We would like to say that the various steps in his plan are consistent with those proposed and advocated here at “The Great Green Home Show”:

More investment in solar and wind, maximizing energy efficiency, shifting to electric vehicles, and capturing and storing carbon emissions from existing fossil fuel based energy production plants. Gore said it would take over $1 trillion to make the shift to a clean energy economy, but that it needs to be done within the next decade. That’s ambitious by any measure.

Just like we put a man on the moon in 69, we too can solve the three biggest crises facing America today by being bold and by investing in the ingenuity of the American people. It is clear that a movement is building around launching a new Apollo mission for America that will end our dependence on oil, and fuel our economy with cleaner, greener energy that will be produced right here at home."

Thanks to: – CMI Solar Electric – Twin Lakes Brewery ( the solar fired brew ) - Suntrust Mortgage of Christiana – Green and – Acorn Energy, Scott Birney, Mark Unruh, Szachoor, the Pocket Band, for donating so much time towards these projects and also for the great music… to the rest of the Sin City Band: Stevie, Bob, Dave and John – Thanks also. Protect us Doug…

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