Green Pets, Investing, and Home Remodeling: Part 3

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Charlie Szoradi, founder

Charlie thanks for coming in and important stuff you've been doing for such a long time. Got a great history so let's jump right in and ask you what you're doing right now with what has you motivated what has you involved?

Locally Charlie what do you see is the immediate needs in terms of environment, home and economy and .... what solutions and new technology and ideas do you think are solid ones or ones on the rise.... Locally and Globally?

Charlie we asked a lot of different questions but a guy with your background and history we think the top five concerns are right now that can and need to be addressed to reduce personal home energy use or waste.

Tell us about your home, how you live in it...comfort, Etc....

Tell us about your lifestyle.... what you do daily.... how you formed a more sustainable lifestyle for yourself.... are you changing the way you see food and how you eat.


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Paul is currently doing a couple of presentations a week, talking to Rotary Clubs, civic groups, real estate firms, businesses, and corporations on a variety of subjects, including Greening your life, your home and your business. So if you'd like us to come and speak to your organization, we would love to include you or your group. These are fun and lively discussions (not just lectures) where we begin to understand the large number of Green opportunities and money saving strategies that are presenting themselves through technology and rising energy costs... just call the Green Fox at 443-553-5888

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