Green Real Estate and Saving Energy: Part 3

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Guest Segment Time – 12:00 Dale Davis

Our guest today has been an electrician forever and has seen it all. He’s probably the most knowledgeable solar guy in the entire Delaware Valley, having done more solar installs than everyone else combined. He also happens to be a sponsor of our show. Please welcome Mr. Dale Davis of CMI Solar Electric. Good morning Dale. I understand you’re a little under the weather. How are you feeling?

Thanks to Dale Davis for coming in to chat with us today. We appreciate you being here. How are you this morning?

Why don’t we start from the beginning:

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about your background in electrical work.
  2. What got you interested in solar electricity.
  3. Can you tell us a bit about CMI electric and CMI solar.
  4. Why is solar electricity so important now and more importantly in the future
  5. Most people want to know about the cost of solar. Let's talk about that A. Per kilowatt price. Rebates, Credits recs.... and lowering your bill
  6. Tell us about the process from when you think you might want solar to getting it installed. What are the steps along to take.
  7. What about technology, should I wait... will there be better solar panels in the future..
  8. Can you talk a little bit about solar and wind power compared.... what about some of these larger solar facilities
  9. You're going to be at the great Green Expo can you tell us a little bit about your symposium
  10. 3 things you do around the house... and new products coming down the pike...

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Overall Segment #4 – 9:00

Welcome back to the GGHS

Guest Segment (continued) – 7:00

Global News / New Tech. Report (if necessary) – 1:00

A San Francisco based, bio-technology company Solazyme, which is developing techniques for converting vats of algae into car and plane fuel, will also exploit its manufacturing processes to make oils for other industries, including the food industry.

The company is already working on edible oils. Ideally these oils could provide greater health benefits, costs less, and be more environmentally friendly to create than current cooking oils. According to Harrison Dillon, president and chief technology officer, Solazyme can provide tailor-made oils.

The ability to shift into new markets largely revolves around the nature of algae itself in the processes employed by the company. First, the creatures; algae are seriously greasy. The North Sea oilfield and other large deposits are the fossilized remnants of algae blooms from hundreds of millions of years ago.

What's interesting is that algae are the original oil producers, not dinosaurs, as most people believe.

The Language of Green – 1:00 Sponsored by: Suntrust Mortgage of Christiana

These are totally foundational in nature and very important as we use them all the time in green discussion:

Sign-off, thank sponsors and crew, announce next weeks guests (Doug) – 1:00

We’d like to thank our sponsors: Suntrust Mortgage, CMI Electric, Energy Services Group, and Option Insurance Group and also our guest today: Dale Davis of CMI Solar Electric. We also need to thank our studio crew: Our engineer – John Lamonica and Our producer – Brooke Chase. Have a great week everybody!

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