Light Sharing

Spend $50 now and
SAVE $10 each year...
ROI = 20%


Find the right spots for rooms that might benefit from extra light via transomes or doors that have clear or translucent panels.

For hundreds of years homes in Europe have included transomes for light and ventilation and the famous glass 'French Doors' were often used as interior transitions between rooms that would let light flow between the spaces.

In Asia for over a thousand years, the translucent rice paper of the shoji screen has created a warm glow with 'ambiant' vs. 'direct' light.

Now, there are many products available across a diverse range of styles, you just have to look and see if any are right for your home.

The ROI Calculation is based on factoring in the savings from not having to power two light fixtures over time during the day.

This translucent paneled door is on the inside of the mud room, which has an exterior door with a window on the upper half. Sunlight fills the mud room and adjacent hall during the day, and the house lights wash through to the mud room so that you do not enter a dark room in the evening. The upper photo illustrates light sharing for a powder room that is not adjacent to an exterior wall.


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