Toxic Free Paints

Spend $70 now and
SAVE $25 each year...
ROI = 35.7%


The air quality inside homes due to chemicals is worse than outside, and asthma and allergy rates have skyrocketed over the past 25 years. Toxic free Zero VOC paints are now available for just a few dollars more per gallon than regular paint. You may be spending a lot of your time or $400-$600 per room to have someone paint your house, so why not spend a few extra dollars to create a healthier home for your family.

Savings come in the offset for air fresheners, purifiers, or a trip to the doctor. If just one household member needs to go to the doctor each year, the co-pay may be $25, or if you had to buy any respiratory medicine you'll save. Long term health is not even factored into the savings. As well, if you sell your house you can list is as Zero VOC paint to distinguish your home from others on the market.

The ROI calculation is based on paying $3.50 extra per gallon for the Zero VOC paint for 20 gallons (prime and top coat) that would cover about five rooms.

Since the majority of time and cost goes into the labor…why not spend a few extra dollars to breathe easy.


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