Spend $325 now and
SAVE $50 each year...
ROI = 15.4%


Offset the cost of buying potting soil, plant food, and even water. Potting soil can run several dollars a bag depending on the size. The benefit is the awesome tomatoes and flowers that your may grow. If you don't have a compost heap, start one with lawn clippings, leaves, garden rubbish. As you keep adding to it, the mulch that forms can be used to save up to 73 percent of the water lost by evaporation in your garden.

As well, consider a Composting Bin so that you can take advantage of the nutrients in food scraps. Some rotating bins generate results in just a few weeks, and bins typically ranges from $125 to $400. Plants, flowers, or vegetables in your garden flourish at a surprisingly higher level.

The ROI Calculation is based on the offset of buying one growth enhancer product per year and four bags of enriched potting soil. If you are really into gardening the savings will increase dramatically.


There are plenty of product choices,
and the key is to just pick one and
get started created excellent
compost soil. This rotating bin,
was salvaged from a friend who
bought a new house and almost let it
go out with the trash.
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