Rain Water Collection

Spend $120 now and
SAVE $20 each year...
ROI = 16.7%


Garden supply 50 Gallon drum Rain water is simply better offset less chemicals Miracle Grow or other growth stimulators. Might only be a few over 50 weeks, if it rains just once a week, might only save anew dollars in water. Rain Barrels range from $60 to about $180 and you may save a dollar a month.

Since rain water has nutrients rather than the chlorine and chemical in domestic water, plants, flowers, or vegetables in your garden flourish at a surprisingly higher level. If just one or two plants don't need the boost from 'plant food' or fertilizer you'll save.

The ROI Calculation is based on the offset of buying just two $10 growth enhancer s or bags of potting soil per year.

To maximize water collection, this dual level system drains water down from the upper roof and feeds into the lower level roof gutter before draining form the downspout into the rain barrel.


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