Recycled Mulch

Spend $172 now and
SAVE $38 each year...
ROI = 22.1%


Mulch made from recycled tires looks great and lasts for decades. Typical Mulch is about $25 per yard and stained black mulch is about $28. You have to replace it almost every year, so you have cost plus labor each year.

There are basically two types of recycled tire mulch. The first type is directly 'shredded' from the tires, and it is a little bit cheaper than the other type which is actually processed and re-formed from the raw tire material into mulch-like chips. The shredded mulch is great for planting areas, especially ones with steep inclines that are vulnerable to runoff.

The processed mulch is great for play areas because it is guaranteed not to have even 1% of metal wire from the radial tires, and it comes in color choices like brick-red in addition to brown and black .

The ROI Calculation is based on 1 Cubic Yard of Mulch with a labor offset cost of $10 / hour for two hours each year that you or someone else would not have to lay out the traditional mulch.

On a very close inspection, you can actually see the positive impact that you make by keeping the tires out of the landfills.


Shredded Tire Mulch: Click Here

See Colors and Get Free Samples: Click Here

A typical bag should cover more than six square feet at a couple inches in depth, and you may never mulch again.

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