Spend $70 now and
SAVE $30 per year...
ROI = 42.9%


When replacing or adding skylights, choose ENERGY STAR® qualified skylights with a U-Factor of 0.60 or less.

Skylights not only save you money by reducing the need to run interior lights during the day, but they also visually enhance your home. As the sun moves across the sky, you will see how the light accents different interior features at different times of day.

The ROI calculation is based on the added cost of $35 for two high efficiency skylight and $15 of energy savings per window per year. Plus get Tax Credits: 10% of cost not to exceed $200 total.

Consider Skylights to add extra light and check out the great new ‘remote’ operating devices that allow you to bring in fresh air even if the skylight is out of reach.

For a child’s room, skylights also let the moonlight serve as a free nightlight and create an ‘observatory’ in your home. New sun screen shades reduce glare and overheating during the day.





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