'Green' and Organic Halloween Treats

Posted on Thursday 25th September 2008
This Halloween consider offering organic treats to the ghosts and goblins in your Philadelphia area neighborhood. These environmentally friendly treats won't leave your pocketbook as empty as a ghost town. Most are available now at natural foods supermarkets or may be ordered (or sourced) online. And never fear: they all come safely wrapped. Here are some of our favorite treats:

    1. Hard Candies. Organic Candy Company sells bags of organic Sour Fruits Hard Candies in cherry, lemon, pineapple, and orange. (The direct link the candy product page is here

    2. Lollipops. Candy Tree sells bags of seven lollipops in organic orange and organic lemon flavors. College Farm Organic Naturepops are available in Citrus Blast, Tropical Treat, Cheery Cherry and Wild Berry.

    3. Chocolate. Several bite-sized options have king-sized kid appeal:

    • Bug Bites: small organic squares from Endangered Species Chocolates in milk or dark chocolate. Each square contains one of 48 different endangered species trading cards, and 10 percent of profits go to animal and conservation causes.
    • Exquisite Swiss Dark Chocolate: Fair Trade sells organic, individually wrapped dark chocolate from Equal Exchange. You'll get 42 pieces to a bag.

    4. Cookies. Barbara's Bakery offers carry bags of organic animal cookies, in chocolate chip, oatmeal wheat-free, vanilla, and vanilla-fruit-juice-sweetened.

    5. Popcorn. Hand out individual microwave popcorn packs from Newman's Own Organics Pop's Corn.

    6. Snack Bars. Any number of individually-wrapped organic options exist:

    • Earth's Best makes organic Whole Grain Bars for babies, just the right size for a Halloween tidbit, in Apple Blueberry, Peach Banana, Pear Raspberry, and Carrot Raisin.
    • New England Natural Bakers offers organic Save the Forest Cereal and Trail Mix Bars, in a variety of flavors. Ten percent of profits goes to environmental and social causes.
    • Oskri Organics offers organic Sesame Bars and Coconut Bars in various flavors (sesame flavors include dates, fennel, molasses, and cumin; coconut flavors include strawberry, pineapple, almond, and mango).

    7. Gummi Bears. Let's Do Organic! sells Classic, Jelly and Super Sour vegan gummy bears. Offered in four individual packets per box.

Also keep these options in mind:

  • Honey Sticks. Very little organic honey is currently available, but Stash Tea, a maker of organic teas, makes delicious, naturally-flavored honey sticks.
  • Kettle Brand Potato Chips and Potato Crisps. Kettle Brand uses no GMO ingredients in their Lightly Salted flavors, and non-GMO potatoes in their other products. Small, one and two-ounce bags are available at delis, health food stores, and grocery stores.
  • Fruit: There is nothing better than this season's local organic apple.

Halloween Treats continued…

Remember to make sure that your children do not open any candy until they are home. This will not only allow you to inspect all of the treats but prevent any littering from occurring. Your little one can also do their part by collecting their loot in reusable bags or even pillowcases. This will reduce the number of plastic bags that are thrown out the following day.

As you enjoy Halloween this fall, you may get the CHILLS just thinking about the rising costs of heating your home this winter. For great GREENandSAVE ways to Save Money and the Environment, click here: Home Energy Audits

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