Mother-In-Law Day: Top Green Gifts for Mother-in Laws

Posted on Wednesday 24th September 2008

Every year, Mother-in-Law Day falls on the 4th Sunday of October. In 1981, the House of Representatives voted 305 to 66 to establish this important holiday. Mother-in-Law Day, though not a well-known holiday, is a wonderful opportunity to improve relations. To help you “green” up this holiday, here are some excellent options for making your Mother-in-Law feel special while being conscious of the environment. Please note that one of these may also work well for the often difficult task of buying a birthday gift for your Mother-in-Law.

Top Five Recommended Gifts

1. Electronic Cards (E-Cards) – Send your mother-in-law an animated e-card from or These fun cards reduce our reliance on trees for paper. If your mother-in-law does not have or use email and you must send a traditional card, consider one made from recycled paper.
2. Organica Ginger Cookies – These mouthwatering ginger cookies are natural, organic, sustainable, fair trade, and luxurious. Baked fresh in small batches, the organic ingredients make these darker and richer than traditional ginger cookies. Topped with sugar crystals, these oversized gourmet treats are the perfect compliment to coffee, tea or a cold glass of milk. “Green” bonus: the box they are sent in is made from recycled cardboard and the packing peanuts are made from cornstarch and dissolvable in water.
3. Heirloom Soy Candles - Heirloom Candles are pure moisturizing soy oil candles scented with classic fragrances inspired by the gardens and countryside of the American South. These hand-poured candles are 100% pure and natural, containing only soy oil, an all-cotton wick and skin-safe fragrance — no dyes or wax of any kind.
4. CarryEco Bags - These bags are lightweight, water-repellant, 100% green and ethically audited by the European audit company Bureau Veritas Group. CarryEco doesn’t come packaged, instead it folds perfectly back into it’s practical inside interior 4x6 pocket and then expands into a full sized tote bag (26” x 17” w/handle drop 11”) and is made wholly from sustainable materials. One is even entirely made of recycled plastic bottles!
5. Organic Facial Care Starter Set – Give the gift that will let your Mother-in-Law pamper herself. This starter set comes with everything she will need for healthy, hydrated, and happy skin! The set includes the crème cleanser, toner and moisturizer with over 80% certified organic ingredients.

The Lighter Side of Going Green…

As you may know, in Philadelphia there have been more than one story or joke about Mother-in-Laws over the years. Perhaps this is because behind every successful Philadelphia man stands a devoted wife and a…surprised mother-in-law. Does it really surprise anyone that Mother-in-Law's Day occurs less than one week before Halloween? You may have noticed that the recommendation list does not include a natural eco-fiber broom as a gift, because of a simple question: “What does a Mother-in-Law call her broom? Answer: Basic transportation.

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