Leilani and the Green Challenge

Posted on Friday 5th February 2010
Tomorrow's a big day. It's race day. Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 Day at Daytona International Speedway. The day Leilani Münter steps into her #59 Dodge and wows the world!

In preparation for the craziness, we at GREENandSAVE have joined together with the rest of Leilani's Eco Dream Team of sponsors to issue a challenge to her fans...

Get Greener! Today!

It doesn't have to be anything big. Just something. Something to get started. Or something new. Something that you know you can accomplish. Something that'll be fun. Something so satisfying, maybe, that it'll lead you to do something else.

Some suggestions, as compiled by the Dream Team (Native Energy, groSolar, and GREENandSAVE):
  1. Correctly adjusting tire air pressures to improve efficiency; 
  2. Correctly setting home thermostats to save energy; 
  3. Switching to high-performance shower heads to conserve water & energy; 
  4. Installing a 5kW home photovoltaic solar system and saving 66 percent in electric costs; 
  5. Getting a Home Efficiency Report and saving $200 annually; 
  6. Helping employers switch to LED lights saving 80 percent on electricity; 
  7. Helping employers adopt a Carbon Offset Program for their offices; 
  8. Getting trained as a Home Efficiency Consultant to help others learn how to save money and the planet.

What do you think? Any of those appeal to you? Any other ideas? Better ideas?

Let us know!

Go Leilani!

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