How to Choose the Right Size Grow Tent

Victor – Contributing Writer

Posted on Saturday 24th June 2017
How to Choose the Right Size Grow Tent



If you are thinking about growing Indoor but not willing to put holes into the wall to make your in-grow base, then get the portable one. If you know about grow tents, the first logical step is to find out the right size of grow tents for your use. If you want to know how to choose the right size to grow tent, then read best grow tent reviews here.

There are few points that you would need to keep in mind about the grow tent.

  • Shape and size
  • The no. of access points
  • The weight that the frames can lift
  • Inner linings and reflectivity
  • Vent sock and covers to control light
  • No. of exhaust ports and the air vents
  • Adjustable height feature
  • Different accessories

What to do before selecting a Grow Tent

What to do before selecting a Grow Tent

The most important thing is figuring out the area that you would use to grow plants and the tent coverage area. The size of the tent depends on this. Plan your space so that it covers the space for the accessories and equipment, and also fits the exhaust, intake fans, carbon filter and all the nutrients.

The lights, the pots, everything would be inside the tent, so draw a rough plan and calculate the space to continue with choosing the right size to grow tent.

  • Calculate the cost of all the accessories and equipment required and the no. of materials.
  • Clear the whole area where you are going to place your tent and in-grow the plants 
  • Whether it is soil or hydroponics, clear the space to place your buckets and pots, keeping enough space to walk around.
  • Determine how you draw the connections and keep pruning shears, nutrients, space in grow light bulbs and about all other accessories. Usually, people store in a container.
  • Find a place to grow your tent and before that decide wisely whether you’re going to pull air from outside or you exhaust. You should place your tent near such intake or exhaust locations.
  • Also, the tent must not be placed near the door or any access point or near any opening and ducts.

What Not To Do Around Your Tent?

What Not To Do Around Your Tent

I am sure that you wouldn’t want your efforts to go waste and your ingrowth die. My advice is all from personal experience.

  • Don’t keep your grow area and tent dirty. Garbage should be off the floor as they are the best source for different pest’s new home and can infect your place.
  • Leaving your cluttering accessories or equipment here and there is the best way to contaminate the growth. Always dispose the waste and place things in its place.
  • Don’t bring other than requirements in the tent as they can cause infection and contaminate the growth.

Let’s Move Towards Selecting Your Tent

Let’s Move Towards Selecting Your Tent

There are different sizes available i.e. small square, small and medium rectangle and large rectangle tent; selection must be made based on the requirement and the room size.

  1. Small Square Tent: For Starters: It is of 32x32x63” but is the best option for starting and provides enough options for venting. You can grow two tall plants of 5ft. At least. The double zippers prevent light leaks by creating complete darkness. It has two 6” ducting lines to maintain proper ventilation.
  2. Medium Sized Rectangular Tent: For Normal Growth: If you are planning to grow around 17 plants, it’s the choice. You can grow 2ft. tall such small plants. It had complete space for customization and added the feature of two doors so that you don’t always have to go through the front one while working.
  3. Large Sized Rectangular Tent: For Larger Yield: It is like two medium sized tents merged into one. You can grow 25 plants and have a bigger room for customization. More no. of duct points, huge doorways and more than enough room to work around. It is the largest available product in the market.

product in the market

I hope that I was able to help you properly through the selection process. Do keep in mind that in no way you contaminate the growth else all efforts go waste. This is a one-time investment. If you plan to grow more, then go for bigger size and choose bigger tents so that you can work properly. If you still need help, surely contact us and do leave your valuable reviews below in the comment section.



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