How to Create a Green and Nature-Inspired Home

Chloe Taylor - Contributing Writer

Posted on Thursday 29th November 2018
Chloe Taylor

eco-friendly house

The time has come for us to revitalize our homes and try out the latest interior design trends. What’s even better, eco-friendly solutions have gained a lot in popularity recently providing us with a way to both give back to our environment and undertake a great remodelling project as well. In order to help you create your dream nature-inspired home, we have singled out our top green tips for you to follow. Let’s take a look and get inspired.

Renewable energy sources

If you want to have an eco-conscious household, then it’s high time you got informed about all the benefits that renewable energy sources can provide you with. The most popular option is solar energy since it’s easy to install. What’s interesting, research has shown that a typical house consumes a kilowatt of power a day. However, you only need a few square feet of solar panels to create that amount of electricity which makes it an absolutely affordable idea. You can place them in your yard, or even install solar shingles. Alternatively, if you live in an area with high wind percentage, it’s wise to invest in wind turbines since then you’ll be able to effectively generate energy for your home. Even though switching to renewable energy sources may seem like a big initial investment, it will immensely pay off in the long run.

Eco-friendly lighting

Eco-friendly lighting solutions do not only help us earn thousands of dollars in savings every year, but they bring us a step closer to saving nature and reducing our carbon footprint. Having considered this, it’s not surprising that many homeowners are rapidly switching to them. So, if you also want to follow this trend, you can begin by replacing all your light bulbs with extremely durable LEDs. These are not only long-lasting, but can be customized for focused illumination, or set up to cast various colours. Even better, you can install dimmer switches on some more recent models or operate them with apps to set the right mood in every room. Lastly, a definite must-have green lighting solution for your home is a smart motion sensor which further reduces the energy waste in your home by turning the lights on only when you are present in the room.

Use natural materials

wooden bed

When we talk about creating the perfect green home, we must acknowledge the importance of introducing natural materials as much as possible. For instance, if you desire true comfort and want to show off your love for nature, you can opt for a wonderful timber wood bed. Furniture made from this material can easily become a treasured statement piece in your home due to its high-quality features. Additionally, in order to enhance the beauty of your interior even further, you should choose bamboo flooring since it possesses high tensile strength and it won’t be damaged by moisture. Finally, for adding an exotic touch to your living room, you can use Mango wood for designing window frames, end tables and vanities.

Find an inviting color scheme

First things first, start by finding the perfect color scheme for your new nature-inspired interior design. Keep in mind that this is not strictly related to your wall paint, but is also applicable to home accessories, upholstery and furniture. Furthermore, we all know that colors can strongly influence our mood and thoughts. That’s why, you should go for a pastel earthy-toned palette with eggshell and mint nuances for the living room since it creates a pleasant natural atmosphere. If you want to break the monotony in the kitchen, you can use salmon and apricot shades that boost energy and productivity. Additionally, in case you need to enhance your creativity in the home office, you can go for light blue shades mixed with Vermilion elements. Lastly, no matter what color palettes you decide to stick to, remember to invest in VOC-free paint products so you can protect the environment.   

Plants will purify your indoor air

living room

Last but not least, greenery is a crucial part of every eco-friendly home makeover. Firstly, plants and flowers can purify the air in your home by converting all the carbon dioxide indoors into clean oxygen. Additionally, if you like combining contrasting traditional and modern interior design elements, greenery can help you create harmony between them. Or, if you have trouble sleeping and generally prefer a more relaxed atmosphere in your home, you can place a couple of vases with Lavender and Gardenia because they give off a very pleasant and soothing smell. Small potted trees, such as Citrus and Rubber plants, can add character to any room and make it instantly feel warmer.

As you can see, turning a mundane and boring home into a modern eco-friendly oasis can be a real piece of cake. All that is needed is a genuine love for our planet and the awareness of the latest interior design trends. Good luck with your remodelling project!



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