Green Living Small Improvements With Huge Benefits

Mia Johnson – Contributing Writer

Posted on Monday 18th February 2019



Protecting the environment has become a priority for millions of people. There’s hardly anything as important as helping to save the world. After all, we only have one world to live on. The imminent threat of global warming and habitat pollution has led to a more environmentally conscious approach to everyday living. People are changing their homes and their lifestyles to combat negative changes. Here are some examples.

  1. Insulation is key

Using as little energy as possible is one of the best ways to go green in your own home. Heat is one of the biggest energy sinks in the modern home. Saving up on heat is going to be the obvious choice. You need to make sure you don’t lose too much heat to leakage. The better your insulation, the less energy you need to reheat your home once it gets cold.

Your walls and roof are the top priorities when it comes to insulation. Proper insulation implies you don’t miss a single square meter. Hardwood floors are stylish, but they are a weak point when it comes to heat leakage. Cover them with a couple of rugs and you should be good.

  1. Intelligent cooking

The kitchen might not seem like a likely candidate for an eco-friendly overhaul, but you would be surprised. Wasting food has seemingly become a pastime for western countries. Lots of energy is spent trying to grow food only for it to be ultimately thrown away for no reason. Certain recipes only call for using part of an animal or plant, which leads to the rest of it being thrown away. There are more than enough recipes in Australian cuisine that allow for minimal food waste. All you have to do is aim for the right number of meals and not go overboard with your cooking.

Speaking of cooking, the process itself consumes quite a bit of energy. Every time you open an oven to check on your dish, it loses a lot of heat and takes a while to get it back to the same temperature. Try cooking things in larger batches and saving them for later. Not only will it cut down on the energy you spend, but it will also free up some time in your daily schedule.

  1. Upgrade those windows

Modern homes are pretty tough when it comes to braving the elements. The whole reason we have homes is to protect us from extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, there have always been a few weak points in our protective abodes. Doors and windows are relatively weak when it comes to insulating us from temperatures high and low. They are designed to be opened often and this causes warm and cold air to sneak in once in a while.

Bare windows aren’t very effective at protecting your electricity bill. When the sun is shining bright, sunlight and warmth will invade your home without issue. It might be best to cover them with something to prevent this. If you’re looking for outdoor blinds in Brisbane, there are lots of different types you can choose from. As long as you add another protective layer to your windows, it will reduce the amount of money you spend on air-conditioning.

  1. Solar panels

When it comes to sources of power, you won’t find anything that comes close to the sun. It’s a magnificent fusion-powered giant that gives us a seemingly infinite amount of light and heat. There’s no reason you can’t take advantage of this free source of energy. Lots of clever people have come up with ways to harness the sun’s power.

Solar panels are no longer something that is exclusive to solar farms. You can set up a bunch of them on the roof of your home and cut your power bill in half. All it takes is half an hour on the internet and waiting for the shipment to arrive. They are a marvel of eco-friendly technology that everyone should get in on. Not only do you take the pressure off of your wallet, but you also help reduce the amount of pollution in the environment by saving power.


When it comes to helping the environment, every little bit counts. People and businesses are coming up with new eco-friendly inventions every day and everyone is clamoring to get them for their homes. Saving the planet is a race against time and it's important that everyone chips in and does their fair share. More sustainable living is a big part of changing how we live in today's world. Making your home more energy efficient doesn't just help the planet's ecosystem, it also helps you save quite a bit of money as well. Follow some of these pointers and you will be on your way to having a green home that others will be envious of.



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