How to Incorporate Recycling into Your Lifestyle?

John McGrane is a managing director at A Plus Waste Management and oversees the whole operation which also includes managing a fleet of 42 skips that are transported in and out as per the demand.

Posted on Wednesday 3rd April 2019

We all know that waste generation has a negative impact on the environment. With the help of recycling we can significantly curb waste generation and subsequently reduce pollution.

Other than this, recycling also decreases the need for extracting, refining and processing of raw materials. These are the reasons why it recycling is important.

Here are some ways in which you can incorporate recycling into your lifestyle-

  1. Start small and build up

There is no pressure to suddenly become a recycling expert. You can start small just by recycling a couple of cardboard boxes and build up from there. Don’t try to become an overnight recycling wizard. It is more important to start, no matter how small the start is.

  1. Learn about recycling

We all know that paper, cardboard and glass bottles are recyclable. But did you know you can also recycle shoes and porcelain fixtures?

There are several unexpected recyclable items, which you might be unknowingly throwing away. So put some emphasis on actually understanding which all items are recyclable. This will help you move towards smarter recycling practices.

  1. Discover in-house methods

There are several ways to recycle at home by yourself. You can reuse glass container to store things in the pantry, make toiletry organiser with fruit crates or make planters out of old bottles.

The possibilities are endless. You can also seek DIY inspiration from Pinterest.

  1. Assign separate and several bins

If your recyclable items have a specific place assigned in your house, it will encourage you to separate recyclable items from the rubbish.

Another great idea is to get separate bins for recycling in different parts of the house, rather than just one bin for everything in the kitchen. This will urge you to promptly and efficiently place the items where they belong.

  1. Take initiative

Are you headed out to work? You can take a pile of flattened cardboard boxes and drop it off at a recycling center on your way to work. These little steps will integrate recycling into your daily life.

  1. Divide and conquer

The responsibility of recycling should not fall on one person. Make sure you involve every member of the family. It will be exhausting to do it all by yourself, so divide up the tasks and assign roles.

  1. Participate in awareness programs

Awareness programs and seminars can further your knowledge about recycling. Even if you are not able to find any awareness programs in your local area, you can always go over to YouTube and other social media platforms to learn from virtual seminars and talks.

You can also find about local organisations for recycling and participate in their awareness drives.

  1. Work regularly

Make a regular effort to separate your recycling, instead of panicking a night before the pick-up is scheduled. This will help you see recycling in a positive light rather than making it an unnecessary herculean task.

  1. Take help of pick-up services

Everyday life is becoming busier by the minute. It is quite possible that you simply don’t have the time to drop recyclable items to the recycling centre.

Instead of letting it all pile up, you can take help from recycling pick-up services. These services not only provide curbside pick-up but also supply green skip bins in a variety of sizes.

  1. Get in touch with local organisations

Curbside pick-up aren’t available for all kinds of recycling items. So research well about what all your local pick-up service accepts.

If you are accumulating recyclable items that pick-up services don’t take, then you can always get in touch with municipal authorities and local organisations. They will guide you towards other available alternatives.

  1. Introduce educational programmes in schools

It is important to introduce recycling practices at a young age. Make sure that your kids’ school teaches the importance of recycling and ways to recycle. This will help them stay involved in everyday recycling practices.

  1. Think sustainably

There will be no requirement for recycling if there is no waste generation in the first place. So think smarter and sustainably when you are shopping for new items. Live by the mantra- ‘If you can fix it, don’t replace it’

Additionally, you can shop from thrift shops and second hand stores, which is an excellent way to recycle clothes.

  1. Get an app

We all are so reliant on our smartphones for every single task. You can take the help of your smartphone to assist you with recycling.

There are several applications available that can educate you about everyday recycling practices. Downloading these apps will dissipate any confusion regarding which items go in the bin and which don’t.

In conclusion, recycling is only hard if you make it. It is a smooth and easy process if you incorporate it into your everyday routine. Hopefully, these tips encouraged you to participate in smarter recycling practices.

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