Top 5 Ways to Remain Good-Looking After 50

Sarah Jessica Smith - Contributor

Posted on Friday 11th September 2020


There are so many societal pressures and stigma against aging. The older we get, the more people want to go back a decade or two and say “50 is the new 30”! Instead of trying so hard to turn the clock backward, how about we unapologetically flaunt our confidence, beauty, and health no matter what age we’re in? 

Looking good is ageless. No matter how many candles you have on your birthday cake this year, you can love the skin you’re in. Thanks to these five tips, you can improve how you look and feel in your 50s and beyond.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe 

There are many common misconceptions that come with fashion over 50. For one, many believe that you can no longer have a fun wardrobe, or that you have to dress to appear younger. On the contrary, your clothes should celebrate your age. Here are some quick tips to help you give your closet a makeover that you’ll love. 

Invest In Your Foundation

With undergarments such as shapewear, you can shape and support areas of your body. Smoothing out your silhouette promotes circulation, improves posture, and makes you look great no matter what you wear. 

Keep It Simple

Having an ageless wardrobe means owning timeless pieces. Examples of this are the perfect pair of jeans or pants. Also, every woman needs a classic little black dress, basic blouses, and shirts. You can break the rules by adding more colors, patterns, or details. However, keep in mind that too many distractions will weigh you down.

Invest In Skin and Hair Care

Embracing your age doesn’t mean you shouldn’t neglect fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin. Your skin and hair is a direct reflection of your overall health, and it should be treated accordingly. 

Adjust your daily routine to accommodate your body’s changes. Invest in hydrating, nourishing skincare products for day and night use. Don’t forget the sunscreen! As for hair, there are some changes to consider:

Dyeing Your Hair Vs. Embracing The Gray

There’s so much discussion on whether gray hairs should be embraced; it has become a trending fashion statement to rock the natural silver. If you opt for dyeing your hair, have it professionally done and choose a shade similar to your natural hair color. 

Consider A New Hairstyle

As we age, our hair loses density and volume. The hairstyle you sported in your 30s or 40 may not be the best option in your 50s. Opt for short haircuts to keep your hair youthful and style it to suit your face and hair texture. Save hairstyles you enjoy and talk to your hairstylist for a new look.  

Keep Up With Your Check-ups

The health insurance plan you had in your 30s or 40s may not be suitable for you now. If you haven’t already, it’s time to reassess your health insurance by HealthMarkets or from another healthcare marketplace. Get a free quote or update your policies to fit your needs. What does this have to do with looking good? One word: screenings. 

In your 50s, managing your health is more important than ever. Taking preventative measures such as having a suspicious mole looked at or going to your routine mammogram will make a world of difference for your appearance and your health.   

Nourish Your Body

Whether you’re aware of it or not, much of how we look and feel comes from the quality of our diets. In your 50s, it’s important to load up on vitamins and minerals needed to replenish your body. 

Stay hydrated, and opt for a diet rich in antioxidants, fiber, among many other nutrients. Not only is it necessary to regulate body functions, but it can also help you maintain a healthy weight. 

Rest and De-Stress

You already know that stress and lack of sleep can lead to wear on your skin. However, worn-out skin and dark undereye circles are not a good look on anyone. Get adequate sleep and practice healthy stress relief methods to keep your mood (and appearance) more vibrant than ever. Being well-rested and wearing a smile can instantly make you look better than any skincare product. 

Bottom Line

Needless to say, being good looking isn’t restricted to age. How you carry yourself and take care of your health are determining factors of how well you look in your 50s. Adopt these healthy lifestyle changes, dress fabulously, and be good to yourself for many more radiant years to come. 

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