AC Chiller Optimization - Part 2 of 7 Part Series

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Posted on Thursday 28th February 2019














What does a typical ECORE installation look like?

The photographs below show a typical ECORE panel and its connection to the building management system through an ethernet cable.

ECORE Installation


I already have a building management system. Why do I need ECORE?

Your building management system (BMS) or building automation system (BAS) provides capabilities to the operator to start, stop and/or reset various system set points manually. It does not have the capacity to automatically reset the condenser fluid temperatures. The re-setting of condenser fluid temperatures is the single most important parameter for energy efficient chiller performance. 

Your building management or building automation system (BMS/BAS) collects and monitors data on various building systems and provides features like alarms so building operators can see and send commands to their systems. The BMS/BAS provides a user interface that allows the user to adjust the settings, view the system status, and detect any potential issues related to building system performance.

ECORE continuously and dynamically modifies the chiller system operating parameters to obtain optimum efficiency without requiring operator intervention.

Would I need to replace my BMS or BAS with ECORE?

No. ECORE operates in conjunction with an existing BMS or BAS, effectively as an add-on. It interfaces with the BMS/BAS using a BACnet to Modbus interface. ECORE reads the data from the BMS/BAS as inputs to the optimization algorithm, determined what changes or adjustments need to be made, and provides directions to the BMS/BAS to make the changes needed to optimize the chiller system operation.


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