AC Chiller Optimization - Part 3 of 7 Part Series

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Chiller System energy consumption and efficiency

What are the major components of a chiller?

The major components of a chiller are shown in the figure below:

Chiller components

What factors affect chiller system energy consumption?

Chiller system energy consumption depends on the ambient conditions (such as dry bulb temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb temperature, etc.) and on the cooling requirements or “cooling load” in the building or facility.

The largest energy using component is the compressor.

How is chiller system efficiency measured?

Chiller system efficiency is measured by the power required to provide the cooling needed by the “user” and is expressed in terms of kilowatts per ton of cooling (kW/Ton).

How can I improve my chiller efficiency?

Chiller system efficiency can be improved by operating the chiller as per the manufacturer recommended/specified conditions for the best operating efficiency (kW/Ton ) to meet the user requirements at the prevailing ambient conditions with the available equipment.

How does ECORE improve chiller efficiency?

ECORE is designed, customized, installed and maintained to continuously deliver optimum kW/Ton by adjusting the main factors affecting the chiller efficiency, consistent with the chiller manufacturers’ specifications for operation and safety and with user requirements for cooling.

Does ECORE work only on improving the efficiency of the chiller?

In addition to improving the efficiency of the chiller, ECORE also optimizes the efficiency of the other components of the HVAC system, such as air handlers. ECORE thereby achieves substantial efficiency improvements and reductions in energy consumption and costs.


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