KN95 Mask Market Cost per Unit 2020.04.12 Report by GREENandSAVE


Posted on Sunday 12th April 2020

KN95 Mask Market Cost per Unit 2020.04.12 Report by GREENandSAVE

As demand for KN95 Masks increases across the healthcare market as well as for first responders and the general population in America, buyers have faced challenges finding masks at fair market prices. This is a highlight from the COST PER UNIT comparison research. The costs per unit, included in the report, reflect the lowest cost offered online with varying levels of volume orders for Certified KN95 Masks. This KN95 Mask Research Report has normalized the price per units and referenced the packing and minimum order criteria, in addition the dollar amount per mask. GREENandSAVE’s staff will periodically update this report. This is currently a “7 under 7” report reflecting the seven companies that were found online selling Certified KN95 Masks for less than $7 each. Please Contact Us if you identify a provider with Certified KN95 Masks for less than $7 per unit, and we will include the organization in the review for the next report release.

KN95 Masks


Research Report: Links to KN95 Mask Providers

The organizations listed below are in the Price Per Unit sequence as in the table from the Research Report.

Purge Virus:


Mask Sheets:

MF Supply:

Ashville Botanicals:

Nations Best Deals:


KN95 Masks

Note: Initiatives such as Purge Virus are providing KN95 Masks as donations to certain organizations in need, and those donations are not factored into the unit price listed in this report. If you are aware of other organizations that are providing donations, please Contact Us and provide a link to a press release or contact information so that we may review their offering for publication.

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