LED Fixture Sensors for Cost-Effective Energy Savings and Maximum Reliability: Part 2


Posted on Thursday 8th August 2019

Here is an example of a new offering by Independence LED Lighting and an example of how they promote their strategic partners online. If you would like to submit new content from your website, that is relevant to sustainability, please Contact Us. The following information comes from Independence LED's webpage on LED Fixture Sensors.

Rising Demand of LED Fixture Sensor Technology:

In addition to the commercial and residential applications, LED fixture sensor technology has also recently been developed by Streetline’s Parker to let people, in over 35 cities, know when street parking spots become available. Furthermore, this technology can be utilized in urban planning and smarter indoor agriculture, which is the future of global food production though advanced LED Grow Lighting. According to WinterGreen, the LED fixture sensor market may reach 2.8 trillion devices by the end of 2019, Source

“According to WinterGreen, the current size of the smart sensor market is about 65 million devices, but it is expected to reach 2.8 trillion devices by 2019. Transparency Market Research predicts that sale of intelligent sensors may rise about 10 percent a year to reach $6.9 billion in 2018.” Published August 5th, 2013 on Inc.com

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Demand for Smart Sensors Is On the Rise

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Proven Energy Saving Impact:

Buildings account for 40% of America’s energy use, of which air conditioning and lighting typically use over half of a building’s energy (over 25% each). In a wide range of applications from hospitals to hotels and from office buildings to distribution centers LED fixture sensors have been field-proven to save money and support environmental stewardship. Independence LED Lighting has a variety of LED Case Studies, in addition to those provided by EnOcean, ranging from the Georgia Institute of Technology to BMW’s Production Facility in Germany.

For more information on this technology, see the EnOcean Products Page and the Independence LED team welcomes you to Contact Them.

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