Made in America LED Lights save energy and money on the USNS COMFORT


Posted on Thursday 9th April 2020
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Our GREENandSAVE Staff is pleased to publish articles about clean technology that is helping the US government or governments around the world save energy during COVID-19 crisis. Saving energy directly translates into saving money, which can go toward supporting the doctors and nurses as well as the medical materials needed to address the healthcare challenges of the virus.

The massive hospital ship, USNS Comfort arrived in NYC on March 30, 2020 to help alleviate pressure on the healthcare system, due to the COVID-19 crisis. The ship has 1,000 beds and 12 operating rooms. Eight years ago, in 2012, the US lighting manufacturer, Independence LED Lighting, provided their Made in USA energy saving LED lights to the Comfort. The lights help reduce the operating cost of the ship and the consumption of diesel fuel needed to generate electricity. Every dollar saved by the federal government is going to be important now more than ever to get through this pandemic.

USNS Comfort

See these highlighted links for more information on Made in America LED Lighting and for added energy saving information on HVAC Optimization.  To address COVID-19, also see: Germicidal UV Light for HVAC ducts and Manual Optimization Methods for chillers, heat pumps, and process cooling. Saving energy has always been a priority for our staff at GREENandSAVE and a focus of interest for our readers since 2007. COVID-19 is a tragic wake up call for sustainability on many levels including cost reduction as we navigate the expected economic recovery.


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