New Audio Book on Sustainable Living: Learn from Looking


Posted on Wednesday 15th July 2020
sustainable living

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Book Topic: Sustainable Living

Learn from Looking is about critical thinking and reaching a sustainable future more cost-effectively than ever imagined. The book's subtitle "How Observation Inspires Innovation" speaks to the core aspect of the content, given that the author, Charlie Szoradi, is an architect and inventor who has traveled extensively around the world over multiple decades and built businesses that range from energy saving lighting to indoor agriculture systems. Mr. Szoradi shares insights on "green" clean-technology that are increasingly key for sustainability, profitable businesses, healthy living, and raising intellectually curious children in a pre and post Covid-19 world. We give Learn from Looking five out of five green stars! Note that the audio book comes with the E-book for only $15 together. Click here to Order the Audio Book on Sustainability

Topics covered in the book include: sustainable design, sustainability, sustainable living, clean technology, eco-friendly design, earth friendly design, critical thinking, travel, innovation, architecture, green architecture, green architect, energy efficiency, indoor agriculture, vertical farming, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), solar power, renewable power, adaptive reuse, triple bottom line, raising children, STEM education, science, technology, engineering, math, mechanical engineering, DIY home design, solar power, city planning, suburban sprawl, lifecycle costs, environmental design, environmentalism, conservation, global warming, climate change, and ecotourism. 

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