New Cleantech Algorithm for Air Conditioning Optimization Makes Strides in AI Technology and Environmental Sustainability

Anya Aggarwal

Posted on Wednesday 10th July 2019
Energy Intelligence Center

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) comes in many forms, and the Energy Intelligence Center’s air conditioning optimization technology has an increasing role in advancing Ai. They integrate multiple interior and exterior parameters with existing equipment specifications and human use requirements. The resulting algorithm that drives cooling system optimization is dynamic, continuous, and intelligent.

Ai-Conditioning and Ai-Refrigeration are the Research and Development (R&D) areas of focus within the Energy Intelligence Center. As sensor and control technology continues to improve, the company’s team is dedicated to advancing their algorithm offerings with “big data” to generate even more efficiencies than they have generated to date.  The Energy Intelligence Center’s continuous improvement process (CIP) is at the core of their mission to advance energy intelligence.

OptikW ALGORITHM is the technology cornerstone of the Energy Intelligence Center’s solutions to optimize the consumption of energy (kilowatts) for commercial air conditioning systems. The initial patented (USPTO 2014) and proven algorithm for water cooled chiller systems now includes patent pending technology for air cooled and other HVAC systems. The algorithm is enhanced with the Internet of Things (IoT) and support services and technology to cost-effectively optimize kilowatt hours per refrigeration ton (kWh/RT), without disrupting existing equipment or the user experience. They offer options for payment that include paybacks within 2.5 years or licensing with monthly/quarterly payments, based on a guaranteed savings share performance structure. The performance option includes a mutually agreed baseline with metrics from the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

OptikW is a family of technology and service offerings through the company’s Enviro-Ops Matrix that cost-effectively optimize indoor environment conditions. The Energy Intelligence Center optimizes the consumption of energy (kilowatts) for commercial real estate air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Given the complexity of HVAC equipment and the growing capabilities of Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Automation Systems (BAS), the Energy Intelligence Center supports Facility Owners, Manager, Engineers, Mechanical Contractors, and Energy Service Companies.

The Energy Intelligence Center is dedicated to reducing energy consumption for commercial property owners and managers through the most cost-effective means possible. The OptikW technology optimizes kilowatt consumption and Artificial Intelligence (Ai) for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration play an increasing role in the company’s offerings. They provide algorithm implementation and consulting at the facility level, and also provide training for next-generation energy professionals. Buildings account for over 40% of U.S. energy consumption, and climate control often accounts for more than half of the energy. By reducing 25% or more on the cooling loads with their cutting-edge algorithm, the company is able to save money for their clients and make support environmental stewardship along the path of energy intelligence.

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