Optilumen Leads on Energy Savings with Cost-Effective LED Lighting Strip Kits to Replace Fluorescent Tubes


Posted on Thursday 3rd September 2020
BAA LED lighting

Since 2007, our GREENandSAVE Staff has been committed to providing relevant content and updating our members and readers with information about trends in sustainability. We also are pleased to profile companies that are proactively taking a leadership role to help cost-effectively save their customers money by reducing energy consumption and in so doing help reduce the impact of climate change. Optilumen (www.Optilumen.com) is one such company that is making a positive impact on the bottom line for businesses and simultaneously fostering environmental stewardship. Optilumen is a Pennsylvania based light-emitting diode (LED) company, that was one of the very first to pioneer the development of LED strip kits to replace fluorescent tubes. Over the past decade, Optilumen has continued to refine and expand its offerings, and it is now underway to provide American made strip kits and other luminaires as part of its offering. The addition of American made LEDs caught the attention of GREENandSSAVE as well as the American LED Alliance.

NEWS from the American LED Alliance:

The American LED Alliance (www.AmericanLEDalliance.com) has included Optilumen as a member of its Leadership Council.

NEWS from Optilumen:

Optilumen (www.Optilumen.com) is pleased to announce that it is launching the production of US made luminaires, which are Buy America Act (BAA) Compliant. Samples for LED Strip Kits will be available starting in October, 2020 with full production commencing Q4 2020. Optilumen is also a new member of the Leadership Council of the American LED Alliance

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About Optilumen:

We have specialized in the development and production of high-quality commercial and industrial LED lighting products. Our team is passionate about efficiency in all things. We offer custom solutionsrapid turnaround, and one-on-one expert customer support. Optilumen has built its brand on products that are simple to install, cost-effective, and deliver the highest performance in illumination and energy efficiency. To make our products as accessible as possible, we have also developed services including financing options and educational resources. Our retrofit kits and other lighting solutions have been maximized for the benefit of our partners and their end users.

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