Ethanol Summit Convened In Brazil

Vivi Gorman
Posted on Monday 15th June 2009

Second to the United States, Brazil produces most of the world’s ethanol. In early June, at the 2009 Ethanol Summit, about 150 scientists, producers and investors from around the world gathered in São Paulo to discuss the economic, social and environmental benefits of ethanol.

The international meeting is the second such symposium first held in 2007 by UNICA.

Among the speakers was former President Clinton, who founded the William J. Clinton Foundation to work on global initiatives. The Foundation includes the Clinton Climate Initiative, the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative, and the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative.

The president of the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association, Marcos Jank, encouraged the U.S. and Brazil to work together to build a stronger planet. He said Brazil is a wonderful example of how developing countries can provide innovations in agriculture and serve as leadership in reducing greenhouse gases.

Topics discussed included investment strategy, how to protect ecosystems during production, green plastics, uses of sugarcane, sustainability, ethanol pipelines, alternative fuels, the future of oil, climate change mitigation, market challenges, carbon credits, bioelectricity, new technologies, and prospects for diesel engines.

Individual sessions were dedicated to discussing a biofuels agreement between the U.S. and Brazil and the impacts of land use changes on biofuels production.

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