New Hybrid Remote Control Lawn Mowers Reduce Damage to the Environment Plus Increases Productivity

Sean Darras - Contributing Writer
Posted on Saturday 13th June 2009

John Wright, owner of Southern RobotX, distributor of remote control lawn mowers, is introducing the hybrid remote control lawn mower. Besides reducing fuel consumption by 40%, the commercial models, such as the popular SRX22T commercial mower, increase productivity for lawn care professionals. A lot of elderly and disabled people actually used to enjoy yard work, and are now able to rekindle their love for landscaping their lawn using the residential models. In addition to benefiting the consumer, these mowers are reducing fuel consumption related to lawn maintenance by a large margin.

Lawn care professionals typically use a bunch of men equipped with 2-stroke weed eaters to maintain slopes over 30 degrees. They are now able to maintain slopes up to 70 degrees with one man and a SRX22T hybrid remote control lawn mower. The hybrid power system on these mowers also keep the battery charged. It is a win-win situation for the lawn care professional and the environment.

On the residential side of things, these hybrid remote control lawn mowers are popular among the elderly and disabled. Believe it or not, there are a lot of senior citizens that actually enjoy yard work. But, due to the physical requirements of typical lawn equipment, they normally have other people take care of their lawn for them. Thanks to the new hybrid remote control lawn mowers, they are now able to have the joy and satisfaction of maintaining their own lawn, in addition to helping to preserve the environment.

Independent studies in 2001 stated, "mowing the lawn for one hour does the same amount of damage to the environment as driving about 100 miles in a car." That does not include those who use an ozone-eating weed eater as a lawn mower to maintain slopes and ditches. With all of the auto makers pushing the limits of hybrid technology, it only seems fit for the lawn equipment industry to catch up. Damage to the environment from lawn maintenance is an important issue that is being addressed by Southern RobotX.

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