A Simple Start - Recycling Made Easy

Safiya Martin - Contributing Writer
Posted on Friday 22nd May 2009

Recycling, for the everyday individual, is a task in itself. For most, the natural inclination is to simply place everything into the garbage, whether at home, or elsewhere. As someone who is naturally used to the big black garbage bag, the concept of separating into types has always been a task for me. While the concept of recycling has existed for many years, it will take many more before it is fully implemented into the American society. While this occurs, there are several ways to go about easing it into your everyday life on a more natural scale.

Start with one item at a time.

Starting with one item at a time is an effective way to start a repetitive habit. The overwhelming idea of making sure to organize paper, cans, plastic, and more in order to defeat waste can manage to turn off some of the more conscious citizens as to their effect on the environment. Often, the item handled the most is able to help towards a greener environment, whether it’s a newspaper or a bunch of soda bottles.

Start with one location.

Think of the place that you most often use recyclables. Have a specific garbage container set out for that purpose. Color managing is also an effective way to remember. Green is a color most often used, and is highly noticeable. By differentiating from the other garbage containers in the home, it will be easier to identify the purpose of the one that stands out. And if green doesn’t fit your color scheme, you can always find a way to have something that will. Get creative!

Start with yourself.

If you live with more than one individual, you’ll notice that people pick up on habits. If you make a conscious effort to throw out that magazine into a bin when you’re finished with it, the one time you don’t remember, you might find someone else in your home will. If you live by yourself, you might notice that friends you have visit will take to mind that you don’t throw your cans in the garbage, but place them elsewhere. This can also be translatable to other locations where you might recycle, such as work. Just think, you can start a trend that can inspire many others!

It only takes one step, one conscious effort, and it’s something that you don’t have to focus incredibly hard to do. No matter how little you may think you are doing, a little goes a long way in keeping our planet green.

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