EverBlade - Shaving Green and Saving Green

Adam Eisman - Contributing Writer
Posted on Wednesday 13th May 2009

It seems almost everyone hates buying razor blades. They’re expensive, wasteful, and it’s hard to get a good consistent shave.

We all spend hundreds of dollars a year on shaving products and the bulk of that is spent on razor blades. A typical blade will cost you about $2.50 and will last you anywhere from 1 week to 10 days depending on how often you shave. Let’s say a blade lasts you 10 days. That’s about 3 blades a month which is $7.50 a month or $90 a year, if you change your blade every week you spend $130.00 per year.

EverBlade has been known to extend the life of a blade well over a year, but on average individuals report that their blades are now lasting in the range of 4-8 months. Looking at the example above, if you used to change your blade once a week and you now get 4 months out of the same blade using the EverBlade, it will pay for itself the very first time you use it! (4 months of blades is $30.00 and the cost of EverBlade is $29.95). That’s a savings of $100 per year! Not to mention, you’ll have the pleasure of a fresh clean shave every time; no cuts, no nicks, no razor burn!

So, how does all this work?

Razor blade dullness stems more from oxidation, microscopic rusting, than from contact with whiskers. This corrosion causes metal on the blade to flake off and the edge to become blunted and jagged. That results in blades pulling and tearing hairs instead of cleanly slicing through them.

When razor blades are sharpened the steel becomes magnetized, which rapidly accelerates the oxidation process by attracting rust ions. EverBlade uses a patent pending technology of specifically designed copper plates to create an energy field that de-magnifies the steel in the razor blade, giving the blade a negative charge. This negative charge repels any rust ions from the edge of the blade, thus preventing corrosion and maintaining the longevity of the blade. Simply place your razor (any razor will do) on the EverBlade stand after each use and enjoy an incredibly close shave each time.

EverBlade is completely self sufficient, requires no electricity, no batteries, no maintenance (except the occasional dusting). This new eco friendly technology will keep millions of razor blades and all their packaging out of landfills every year, and keep a few bucks in your pocket.

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