Hit the Beach or Pool in Style with Eco Friendly Flip Flops

Sean Darras - Contributing Writer
Posted on Thursday 21st May 2009

With millions across the country getting ready to hit the pool or beach this Memorial Day, it’s time consider adding an eco-twist to your beachwear with eco-friendly flip-flops made from jute, hemp or even recycled tires.

There are hemp flip-flops, made from certified organic hemp. These appeal to people with chemical sensitivities and concerns about cruelty to animals. Plant fiber, from which hemp is obtained, is biodegradable and preferred to leather or synthetics. Since hemp is resistant to mold and bacteria, it does not produce any odor. It is ideal to use this for making flip-flops.

There are many recycled materials used to make eco-friendly flip-flops. Companies design men's, women's and children's flip-flops made from 100% hemp or even materials like recycled bicycle tires. The soft hemp linen fabric can be easily molded to accommodate most foot widths. The use of hemp in the manufacturing process ensures a product free from chemical defoliants and other harmful toxins. The aim of using or making eco-friendly products such as flip-flops is to preserve and protect our planet

The Benefits of Eco Friendly Flip Flops

  1. Natural materials such as jute and cork are biodegradable. Used in lieu of glue, water-based cement’s the eco-friendlier choice - plus it's safer for the people making your sandals.
  2. 250 million tires are thrown away every year in the US alone. Reusing this rubber in beach footwear keeps trash out of landfills and your toes from burning as you're running to the waves.
  3. Support companies that are making the connection between sustainability and business - companies like Chacos and Simple Shoes donate to green non-profits.

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