Invest in an energy efficient clothes washer and save money on utility bills!

Sean Darras - Contributing Writer
Posted on Thursday 14th May 2009

Most of the energy (about 90%) used by a clothes washer is used to heat the water. An energystar energy efficient clothes washer uses about half of the water of a conventional washer, which means you only need half as much energy to heat the water. Half as much energy means more money in your pocket!

Check out these tips for buying and operating an energy efficient clothes washer:

  1. In general, side-load washers are more energy efficient and use less water than top-load clothes washers.
  2. The best way to use less energy when washing clothes is to use cold or warm water, instead of hot. Whenever your clothes can withstand it, drop back that temperature setting.
  3. Wash and dry similar materials together to save even more on your utility bills.
  4. Use concentrated detergent. Most detergent is 90% water. You can save the environment and save money by using highly concentrated detergent, which costs less in the long run and saves on packaging and shipping costs.

When shopping for an energy efficient clothes washer make sure to look for the energystar label. If your clothes washer is over 10 years old you could save up to $150 per year on your utility bills by upgrading to an energy efficient energystar dishwasher.

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