Invest in an energy efficient dishwasher and save money on utility bills!

Sean Darras - Contributing Writer
Posted on Thursday 14th May 2009

There is an old myth that it is better to wash dishes by hand rather than that big piece of machinery we call a dishwasher. However, more and more information is showing that even the most skilled hands cannot out-wash the new energystar dishwashers. Some dishwashers even use “Soil Sensor” technology that measures how dirty the dishes are then optimizes the amount of water being used. Since the energystar dishwasher uses less water you are also using less energy, which would be required to heat the water. If your dishwasher is 15 years or older, you can save $30/year by upgrading to a new energy efficient dishwasher.

Check out these tips for buying and operating an energy efficient dishwasher:

  1. Dishwashers are rated by the Energy Factor, also known as the EF rating. The American Council for Energy Efficiency recommends that your unit has an EF rating of .65.
  2. Avoid the dry cycle, which usually activates an electric element to blow hot air over the dishes. By simply waiting for the dishes to dry, or drying them yourself, you can save a lot of energy.
  3. Don’t rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. It wastes water and is not required for newer dishwashers
  4. Always wash a full load. Dishwashers are designed to wash full loads and washing a partial load is only going to waste energy

When shopping for an energy efficient dishwasher make sure to look for the energystar label and the EF rating. Your new dishwasher guarantees a savings of $30/ year on your utility bills which means that it can pay for itself over its 10-15 year life span!

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