New Device Allows You to Charge on the Go

Adam Eisman - Contributing Writer
Posted on Saturday 6th June 2009
If you’ve ever faced a situation where your phone or iPod is running low on battery without a convenient place to plug in for more juice, than a new product from Tremont Electric is going to revolutionize your world. They have a new product out called the nPower PEG, or Personal Energy Generator, and it works by converting the kinetic energy you create just by moving into pure, sweet electricity. The product weighs 9 ounces and is 9 inches long, and can instantly turn your motion into the extra power your device needs. In just one hour, the nPower PEG can charge your device to about 80% of its total capacity. You don’t even need to strap the device to your person, as it will continue to work from your purse or backpack. It can also be strapped to a bicycle, kayak or any other moving object. The device couldn’t be easier to use, as you just plug it into the USB port on the gadget and start moving. Tremont Electric has stated that if everyone with a device that needs charging used their product for just one hour a day, enough energy would be saved to power 21,000 households for an entire year. The difference between the nPower PEG and other kinetic energy converters is that the energy created by your movement will directly charge the gadget, whereas traditional kinetic converters simply allow the creation of a store of energy that can be dipped into at a later point. With the direct injection of energy into your portable devices simply by going about your business, the world could be a much more sustainable place.

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