Saving Money This Summer is as Easy as 1 – 5!

Adam Eisman - Contributing Writer
Posted on Friday 22nd May 2009

It seems like money just goes a little faster in the summer. Whether it’s the cost of energy to cool your home, or the rising price of gas in the summer time, it won’t be long before you notice your money doesn’t get you as far as it did a few months ago. There is still the chance to have a great time this summer without breaking the bank, and here are 5 tips to help you do just that.

  1. Travel at Off Peak Times – Whether you are driving or flying, planning to depart on your trip when many others are fast asleep will mean fewer delays on the road and at the airport. If you are headed on a long driving trip, avoiding traffic and congestion will increase your miles per gallon, and will help you reach your destination that much faster with less hassle.
  2. Shop at the Farmer’s Market – Eating local foods that are in season is always a great idea, as they are fresher, don’t need to travel that far to market, meaning less fuel and preservation costs, and they usually taste better. Also, by buying right from the farm, you cut out the cost of the middleman, which in this case is the supermarket.
  3. Think of Fun Ways to Stay Cool – Going to the movies is a fun thing to do on hot days as they have unlimited free air conditioning, however we’re all aware at the staggering cost of a night at the movies, so why not try something free and fulfilling. The same air conditioning is available at the library, where you could also stimulate your mind. Try to find museums or other cooled tours that are free admission, or at least cost less than a movie ticket and popcorn.
  4. Hang Your Clothes Out to Dry – The summer is the perfect time to forget the drying machine. Not only will the added heat of the machine increase your air conditioning bill, but the constant over-drying of clothes will also cause you to need to replace them more often. You can save about $40 this summer just by not running the dryer.
  5. Check Out a Good Yard Sale – By purchasing things from yard sales, you are not only reusing something that someone else has no use for, but you’re saving money while you do it. Without new production costs and transportation costs, the item you are buying not only costs you less, but it also costs the environment less as well. On the flip side, you could also host your own yard sale and make some extra scratch.

There are plenty of other ways to have fun while saving money this summer, but as often as possible you should remind yourself that every purchase is a carbon event. You can factor in the environment in every purchase you make, without sacrificing anything in satisfaction.

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