Trump Administration Rolls Back Requirements for Energy Efficient Lighting

Anthony Azusenis

Posted on Monday 9th September 2019

New rules on lighting and energy efficiency could further push the US away from global goals to cut down emissions.  The Trump Administration announced on wednesday September 4th that it will be rolling back requirements for energy efficient lighting.  What this could then lead to is an increase of greenhouse gas emissions and thus worsening of climate change.


The Energy Department’s filing is a preventative measure in avoiding new efficiency requirements for buildings, initially introduced in 2007, which are set to be implemented on Jan. 1.  The 2007 law was aimed at phasing out less-efficient incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in favor of more efficient options such as LEDs.  These standards were aimed at nearly half of the US’s 6 billion light bulbs, and without them we will see an even slower progression toward decreased energy consumption. In addition, this could greatly affect the position of companies who manufacture efficient lighting solutions, such as Independence LED.  Without government intervention, money will be lost, businesses operating with out-dated lighting will continue to do so, and more greenhouse gas emissions will enter the atmosphere.


Incandescent and fluorescent light fixtures were initially targeted for replacement as a means of reducing the amount of greenhouse gases being put into the atmosphere by the US.  By using more efficient lighting technology, energy consumption can be reduced. By reducing energy consumption, especially on such a scale, greenhouse gas emissions would decrease as more energy efficient buildings would require less energy to operate.  However, by weakening the requirements set to take actions for Jan. 1, not requiring greater efficiency for lighting could in turn aid in the push of the United States and the entire planet toward the ‘point of no return’ when it comes to climate change.


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