Innovation Philadelphia: Green hotel turns on the vacancy light


The LEDs are on them

Innovation Philadelphia
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7/31/2009 - Philadelphia Business Journal
by Adam Cancryn

Sustainability and home efficiency consultancy GREENandSAVE is offering to help businesses lower their energy costs without charging them a dollar upfront.

GREENandSAVE has launched a program in which it replaces existing lights with high-efficiency LED bulbs and charge customers only a percentage of what they save in energy costs each month. Light-emitting diode lamps, or LEDs, are low-voltage devices that use small electronic light sources rather than the ultraviolet light used in fluorescent tubes.

The Philadelphia-based firm will perform on-site lighting evaluations to calculate the projected amount businesses can save by switching from fluorescent lighting to LEDs.

Andy Horning, GREENandSAVE’s director of commercial optimization services, said that LED bulb and tube retrofits can reduce energy bills by at least 80 percent. The new lights also outlast fluorescent bulbs and emit more light, so the total number of bulbs needed can be reduced.

As part of the audit, Horning said that GREENandSAVE will present a comparison spending report, formulate an ideal LED purchasing plan, and do a lighting demo.

With the program just under way, GREENandSAVE is in the process of holding private demonstrations for interested companies.

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