Energy Efficient Home Renovations

Energy Efficient Home Renovations

Energy Efficient Home Renovations


Energy efficient Home renovation projects are so much more common today and for various reasons. There was always the desire for homeowners to take on home renovations that provide energy savings. Everyone wants to save money on their utility bills. However, we are at a point now where many people are making these home improvements for environmental reasons as well.

Energy Efficient Home Lighting Renovations

One of the most cost effective and efficient changes you can make in your home is to update your home lighting. Not only can those changes provide some energy savings, but they also can improve the look and feel of your home. Some analysis has also shown that making strategic lighting changes can also add value to your home. That notion is outlined in this article lighting can add value to your home.

Updating Your Light Bulbs

If you are still using incandescent bulbs, then you are using the most inefficient bulbs to light your home. They are not energy efficient and they also produce heat. Most home improvement stores do not even sell incandescent bulbs anymore. They are traditionally cheaper to purchase, but will burn out faster and use more energy. In the end, they cost more than today’s energy efficient LED bulbs

Halogen and florescent bulbs are more efficient than incandescent, but even those are yesterday’s news. In fact, florescent bulbs (CFLs) are considered to be harmful to the environment if broken.

Today’s solution is LED technology. It is the most energy efficient and long lasting bulbs available to consumers today. If you have not already switched to LED, then this should be high on your list. Read this article on how to choose a light bulb for every room before heading out to purchase new LED bulbs because they are not all the same.

Recessed Lighting

There are many types of lighting found in homes today, but we are calling out recessed lighting because it is common but also because they have often been very inefficient.

Many older homes with recessed lighting are burning a lot of electricity. There are many bulbs used in a series of recessed lights in a large room and they are likely not LED lights. The heat generated from older recessed light bulbs makes cooling the home more difficult.

Finally, the recessed light cans quite often are not insulated well enough when installed beneath an attic. This is a spot where you lose a lot of energy and insulating them can also help with energy efficiency.


It is recommended to swap out most of your light switches with dimmer switches. Not only will it allow you to adjust the amount of light in the room, but they also help save energy when dimmed down below full power. In fact, we find that most people with dimmers rarely keep the lights on at full capacity. There are significant energy savings at your fingertips by installing a dimmer switch.

Programs to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

There are quite a few energy related grants or assistance programs offered by your local or state government to make energy saving changes in your home. These changes could be as simple as changing the light bulbs or even installing new energy efficient appliances.

We have also seen government subsidies to help offset the costs of going solar, although those subsidies are not always enough to make the investment for the homeowner cost effective.

You will also find mortgage programs that will help homeowners to purchase a home while simultaneously making energy saving changes in the home. For example, the FHA Energy Efficient Loan Program is available to homeowners who want to purchase a home and have the loan cover the costs of those changes.

There is also the FHA 203k loan which allows the homeowner to finance home renovations including improvements that make the home more energy efficient. They will even allow you to finance your light bulbs.


There are many energy efficient home renovations that you can make and you can spend a lot of money in the process. Updating your lighting whether it is the fixtures or just the bulbs may be the most cost effective way to make energy efficient changes in your home. Do your research and see which changes will being the greatest return and choose carefully.

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