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Posted on Tuesday 9th July 2019
LED Design is Eliminating Weaponizable Potential


A toothbrush, a piece of string, and a light bulb;  You may not realize it, but these three ordinary, household objects have something very crucial in common: they have all been used at some point or another as pieces of weapons.  Now, you may be wondering: how or when these objects have ever been used as weapons.  What may you may not realize is, given their hours of down time they have on their hands, prison inmates have historically found very creative ways to fashion weapons out of these ordinary, every-day household objects.


How LED Design can Eliminate Potential Threats

How do these events occur though?  Well, Buffalo news station WKBW reported on just such an incident in 2016 at the Erie County Holding Center.  While completing his routine check-up on the facility’s detainees, “a holding center Deputy was [conducting] a search in the cell of Jemmott Pierce, 19, when [a] "shank" fell out of Pierce's bed sheets.”  Now here’s the kicker; authorities said “the weapon consisted of a jagged piece of glass from a broken light bulb and [had] a handle made from duct tape.”  Thankfully, police were able to secure the weapon.  But what does this mean, generally, for the safety among other correctional facility inmates and officers?  Well, it means that while they may at times be encased, whether they are tubes or bulbs, lights can be used as weapons.  Fortunately, we found a brand called Independence LED who offers an LED tube with a design that is specifically geared towards this scenario.  The construction of their Correctional Facility LED Tube is designed specifically for safety, as it contains neither metal or glass.  You can obviously understand why a glass-free construction is important, but the metal heat sinks of conventional LED tubes are still quite dangerous in the wrong hands 

However, with a metal-free and glass-free construction, the potential for Independence LED’s Correctional Facility LED Tube to be used as a weapon is virtually eliminated.  Adding to the energy saving potential that LED’s already offer (up to an 80% reduction in energy consumption over fluorescent tubes), this groundbreaking idea of a non-weaponizable LED tube only further serves to uphold safety, security, and order in any hazardous environment.  Whether it is in a holding cell, a psychiatric hospital, a public school, or a half-way house, we at GREENandSAVE recommend the implementation of this style of LED tube.


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